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June 21, 2002

Thanks to Cathy M. and Hitchhiking for this: Rhett’s solo record has been bumped to 9/24, with “This Is What I Do” pegged as the album’s first single. Also, the Old 97’s have confirmed their first (!) date of 2002: August 2 at Dallas’ Gypsy Tea Room. Alejandro Escovedo opens. And July 25 will see a unique bill at Dallas’ Sons Of Hermann Hall: The Scrap Hotel will be sharing the stage with Grey DeLisle and Murry Hammond who will likely be joining the Hotel for a number or two. So buy that and be there!

So did you catch the dates? August 1 and 2 are tentatively set as dates for the return of Old 97’s live shows to North Texas. Stay tuned for venues and date confirmations, and keep yer eyes peeled for more Scrap Hotel dates around the same time. The rumored buzz (that means it’s news to me too, as I haven’t heard it from one of the guys, just a… source) is that the Hotel may add a bassist-vocalist named Hammond for a number or two.

Remember Ken’s post about touring in the band’s early years? Well, I received an e-mail today from a long-time fan of the band, who’s also been somewhat associated with them in the music business. We’ll not mention his name, but the guy’s at least up front about wanting to “bust Ken on his selective memory.”

In a good long letter, our anonymous correspondent writes:

Maybe the band doesn’t… remember how fun it was to sell out Lounge Ax and rock harder and more intimately and any “” band I’ve seen before or since… I know that doesn’t pay the bills and I can appreciate wanting to cash in as much as the next person and more power to them, but the Old 97s were a crack band working hard and earning it long before the A&R folks showed up.

Reminiscingly yours,


I wrote him back say that Ken probably just posted that quote (“We’ve been out a week and this has SUCKED. We need to call that lawyer guy and tell him to get us a major label deal.”) as a way to highlight his story about the band’s early life on the road. If I had to guess, I’d say Murry’s line, “those were some fun days” is just as accurate a reflection of the band’s feelings. Anyone else here been in the military? Remember that old saying about it (and probably a number of other tough but rewarding occupations), “I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the experience, and I wouldn’t do it again for a million dollars”? It probably applies to scruffy new bands too.

Today on the 97’s listserv Hitchhiking, Dorin Schadel chimed in with this nugget:

E! entertainment channel is hosting a Scooby Doo movie special. In the show, they also discuss the revised cartoon and talk to some of it’s voice actors. Murry’s wife, Grey is one of them. She will be the new voice of Daphnie! What a great job!

Cool eh? And here’s another factoid for ya: The story goes that the band Killbilly’s greatest fan was one Dorin Schadel, for whom one-time Killbilly-ers Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond later penned a song. They called it “Doreen.”

Hoping to hear “Doreen” live sometime in 2002? If you’re in north Texas in August, you might just get the chance, as Rhett announced at a recent Largo show that the Old 97’s will likely be playing a show or two in the DFW area come August. A hot night, some cold beer, good friends, and Old 97’s tearing it up on stage. Man, it’s about damn time.

While cleaning up around the house this weekend, I found a magazine I’ve been looking for, for months! It’s the Winter 2002 issue of Texas Music, which contained their list of “Ten Great Love Songs” (By Texans. Of course). And there, along with songs from Buddy Holly, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Lefty Frizell, and Ray Price, was one from your Old 97’s.

The boys were lauded for one of my two favorite tracks off Satellite Rides, “Bird In A Cage.” Says the mag:

6) “BIRD IN A CAGE” BY OLD 97’S – For some, marriage or committed, monogamous relationships are seen as traps, leading to phrases like “ball and chain,” “kept man,” etc. Dallas’ alt-country act turned power-poppers Old 97’s offers up a refreshingly alternate point of view: “I may be a bird in a cage / but at least it’s your cage.” Equally refreshing: it’s a besotted love song that rocks.

Here here.