Today on the 97’s listserv Hitchhiking, Dorin Schadel chimed in with this nugget:

E! entertainment channel is hosting a Scooby Doo movie special. In the show, they also discuss the revised cartoon and talk to some of it’s voice actors. Murry’s wife, Grey is one of them. She will be the new voice of Daphnie! What a great job!

Cool eh? And here’s another factoid for ya: The story goes that the band Killbilly’s greatest fan was one Dorin Schadel, for whom one-time Killbilly-ers Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond later penned a song. They called it “Doreen.”

Hoping to hear “Doreen” live sometime in 2002? If you’re in north Texas in August, you might just get the chance, as Rhett announced at a recent Largo show that the Old 97’s will likely be playing a show or two in the DFW area come August. A hot night, some cold beer, good friends, and Old 97’s tearing it up on stage. Man, it’s about damn time.