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Thanks to Doug Hein for alerting the “Hitchhiking” list that Rhett was

“…on San Francisco’s KFOG morning show last week, (and ) they have placed on the KFOG website a couple real audio files of him. A portion of the interview:”

“Where he confirms the 97’s aren’t dead. (That we knew.) And then there’s another one of him performing ‘Come Around’:”

So thanks to Doug and KFOG!

There’s a huge and revealing new interview with Rhett – with contributions from Murry too – in the new No Depression (#41) magazine. It’s not up on their site yet, so please go buy the magazine. Or better yet, subscribe! And enjoy.

Also, HBAT visitor Doug Holmes points out that Rhett also puts in an appearance – or four appearances – in the new issue of Maxim. Writes Doug, “Rhett has 4 full page clothing model shots, one of which talks about the Old 97’s and Rhett’s new solo album.” So there you go.

Remember the post below about Much Music’s “Oven Fresh” video voting. The actual voting starts Monday (not sure what time) and goes through Thursday with the winners being picked Friday. Well, my family’s political motto is “Vote Early, Vote Often” and there’s certainly no reason not to vote more than once for Rhett’s video for “Come Around.”

The method below might be a little bit of work, but it works and produces results — and it is all for Rhettster.

1) Go to and go to the ‘Oven Fresh’ section

2) Click on Rhett Miller’s video, (wait for new window to open) and click ‘Keep It’

3) Close all Much Music windows (hence all Internet browsers that have the Much Music site open in)

4) Find the ‘Cookies’ folder on your computer. If you don’t know where that is, you can try going to Start->Search and search for ‘cookie’, and the ‘Cookies’ folder should be a search result.

5) Go into your ‘Cookies’ folder and delete something that should look like ‘yourID’@php[1]. The ‘yourID’ will be an ID for you; something personal. HINT: Sort the cookies by date and look at the most recent ones, ‘yourID’@php[1] should be there if you’re voting right now — and I assume you are.

6) Open up a new Internet browser, and repeat from step 1

7) yeah so it’s a bit of work, but there’s no need to parachute in with squads of lawyers, there are no messy recounts, and no butterfly ballots. And we pick the winner! Let’s get busy shall we?

Ooh, ooh, there’s also this: After yesterday’s announcement here that you can stream The Instigator is you pre-purchase it at, our source inside the AOL-Time-Warner-Elektra-Deathstar reported, “Rhett’s (Amazon) sales rank has jumped from #6000 to inside the Top 100! Pretty cool.” Hey, that is pretty cool!

Seeing as how the Old 97’s fan base is likely strewn with sensitive and artistic types, you know… Mac users, (let the flames begin!) 97’s fan Marc Pilvinsky chimes in with Something You Ought To Know: “One thing you might want to note about the pre-order deal is this: you can’t stream the songs if you use a Macintosh. The specific version of Windows Media Player that they require is not Mac compatible. It stinks, but it’s true. Old 97s fans should probably be warned.”

Finally, Rhett must be living right, because it looks like the folks at Elektra have sprung for a video for his first single, “Come Around.” On top of that, “Come Around” will be heavily featured beginning next week on Much Music’s (that’s channel 158 for my fellow Dish Network dweebs) as one of their “Oven Fresh” videos. Better still is that “Oven Fresh” has a voting component, so you get a big say so in how often the video gets played. So check it out. The song is just great, and if the video is even half as good, let’s get those phone lines humming. Cheers!

Also, I want to make sure to pass on the following from the good folks at They’re heading up the street level promotion for Rhett and The Instigator and they need your help:

Heads Up Old 97’s and Rhett Miller Fans!

After much anticipation, Rhett Miller, lead singer of Old 97s, is set to release his debut solo album “The Instigator” on Sept. 24 and we need YOUR help getting the word out!

That’s why we’ve created The Instigators – an elite establishment built FOR THE FANS AND BY THE FANS (yes, we work with Rhett, but are always fans first!) to spread Rhett’s music to the masses.

As an Instigator, you’ll be given special assignments and awesome tools to share Rhett’s music with others and will be handsomely rewarded for your help. In exchange for your efforts, you’ll be the first to hear news and music, AND will have the opportunity to win awesome prizes such as concert tickets, rare autographed items, meet-n-greets, personal phone calls with Rhett and other cool stuff.

We also want your feedback and ideas – you will be heard!

The first 10 people to sign up will receive Rhett’s single ‘Come Around’!! If you’re interested in becoming an Instigator, sign up at

Thanks for your support…we hope you enjoy his new album!!!

Christy & Amy

New Rhett dates, hot off the presses:


10/19/02: Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL

10/20/02: Mississippi Nights – St. Louis, MO

10/21/02: Liberty Hall – Lawerence KS

10/22/02: Riverside Ballroom – Green Bay WI

10/24/02: Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

10/28/02: Northgate Theatre – Seattle, WA

10/29/02: Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR

10/30/02: The Galleria – San Francisco, CA

10/31/02: Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA

11/01/02: House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV

11/02/02: Bash On Ash – Tempe, AZ