So it looks like the Old 97’s will be renewing their old tradition of New Years concerts, with two tentatively scheduled in the DFW area. Check out the “Tourdates” page and check back soon for confirmations. Also, you’ve no doubt noticed the recent proliferation of musical webcasts. For whatever reason (My guess? It’s the crappy facilities in underequipped IT departments, and the inherent bandwidth limitations on streaming audio and video.) the audio quality of these things often just blows. But back in August, Rhett cut an in-studio session for AOL’s music webcast Sessions@AOL, and man oh man, at least on my computer, the sound quality is awesome. Rhett plays, “Come Around,” “Our Love,” “This Is What I Do.” In addition, there’s an in-studio interview, links to Rhett’s “Come Around” video, and the ability to check out the session in either dial-up or broadband speeds. Check it out here.

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