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I just received this from Ken. It needs to be up here:

This morning I was reading through the Dallas Morning News. Basketball tourney first, then some general sports, the comics (specifically Peanuts), weather, and the metropolitan section. I finished with war news. On the bottom of a page was a picture of a marine carrying a little injured Iraqi boy. The boy wasn’t wearing any pants. He looked so scared. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him all morning.

I have a little boy about the same age. Mine gets scared when his balloon pops.

I’m not going to whip you all down to much with this email. This is neither pro or against our war in Iraq. But if you (like me) have been beaten down by the generals, the protests, the politicians and the reporters, remember one thing: Iraq is decimated. It’s the worst place on earth right now to be. And roughly half of it’s population are little ones.

I bet they’re terrified.

I looked around on the web and found this:

UNICEF helps children get the care and stimulation they need in the early years of life and encourages families to educate girls as well as boys. It strives to reduce childhood death and illness and to protect children in the midst of war and natural disaster. UNICEF supports young people, wherever they are, in making informed decisions about their own lives, and strives to build a world in which all children live in dignity and security.

That comes from the UNICEF website. I just spent a little time poking around it.

So this isn’t really a panhandling email. But, if I could touch those little kids I would try to help them. I can’t though. I live in Texas, 93 millions miles from Iraq. So I’m going to send a hundred bucks rather than spend it on a combination DVD/VCR which was what I was going to do with it.

Think about helping out. Whether you support this war are not makes no difference. Regardless of what happens over there with all the big people running around burning gunpowder, the little people are losing out.

Hopefully someday the world will be a nicer place.

Here’s the website address:


ken bethea

PS: If you can help it, don’t reply to this email. I don’t want any “attaboys” or “the only good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi” replies. Don’t waste your time I don’t really care. 🙂

Spend your time helping someone who needs it.

If you’ve ever caught the magic at a Ranchero Brothers show, you know that Rhett and Murry spin out some of the finest folk-pop harmonies this side of classic Simon & Garfunkel. That said, Cathy M. reminds you to keep ears open for a new MasterCard commercial, set to premier during Sunday’s Oscar telecast. Singing S&G’s “Homeward Bound” will be none other than Rhett Miller, and one can hope this might also make the occasional playlist at his solo shows. Still, short of a live appearance by one or all 97’s, I’ll again be missing our annual celebration of vacuous, walking eating disorders, and coke-addled heartthrobs. As such, you guys will have to let me know how it sounds, but should an MP3 of the commertcial grace grace my e-mail box, I’ll be sure to post it with credit given.