So printed on the itinerary of the 97’s recent swing through NYC was this unexplained nugget:

9/23: Rhett… to Tom Wolfe book interview

Location: National Lampoon Network

***NOTE: this will be filmed for

National Lampoon Network’s AV Squad

(600 colleges – 4.5 million students).

Tom’s book
(“I Am Charlotte Simmons” – f.e.) releases 11/9. The audio part of this interview will be serviced to non-comm radio (college/NPR). Book examines college life.

Rhett Miller and Tom Wolfe? You mean the (in)famously (over)dressed Tom Wolfe of “The Right Stuff,” “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,” and a personal favorite, “From Bauhaus to Our House”? The thing is, Rhett is a sometimes contributor to the post-modern journal, McSweeney’s, while Wolfe has been on the outs with the post-moderns for years.

When asked how the meeting went, Rhett replied, “I felt underdressed to say the least. My only faux pas was to reveal my penchant for the post-moderns whom he despises. Other than that, we got along famously.” This I’d like to see.

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