Damn, man, sorry about the long delay between posts, but the job’s been running me all over the place and running me ragged. OK, so remember I promised a big pile-o-new Old 97’s .mp3’s? Well, they’re not here yet but we’ve finally gotten all our sever and bandwidth issue addressed, so now all I have to do is upload these babies, including a nifty couple of rarities. Check back in the next few days. And I actually have a ton of news, but I’m so far behind let’s just start with this nugget, shall we? From today’s Dallas Observer:

Miller Time

Old 97’s front man talks about the past, the present and the future


On November 1, 1994, the Old 97’s released Hitchhike to Rhome. Recorded at Dallas’ Crystal Clear Sound, Hitchhike was a solid little debut, a series of melodic misadventures about being young and stupid and full of somethin’ awful, whether that be heartbreak or Old Crow. The album quickly sold out of its original pressing of 1,000 copies. As Donny Ray Ford of the Cartwrights once said, “It went plywood.”

Of course, a decade later, Hitchhike is recognized as something greater–the first recorded chapter in the history of an important and beloved local band. Unlike later 97’s albums–which tend to get bigger and poppier as their influences inch toward either coast–Hitchhike feels firmly rooted in the black dirt of the Lone Star State. There’s a dustiness, a sun-baked loopiness, a sense of being safe and stranded at the same time. [read more]

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