Ok here we go

November 8, 2004

Ok, here we go. After a two year hiatus thanks to server storage and bandwidth issues, and technical problems with RealAudio encoding software, we’ve got sound files back up. And this time, “Hit By A Train” is building a bridge to the… uhm… twentieth century, with… mp3’s! That’s right, no more RealAudio files! Now it’s rip, mix, and burn, baby.

First check out the “Audio” page of the Discography section, where for each Old 97’s studio album we now have at least two of the tracks available for downloading in mp3 format. Maybe some of you fans of the band’s more recent albums will find something you like. Or perhaps you, the jaded and veteran Old 97’s fan, just say “BFD.” In that case, scroll down to the bottom of the that page, to the listing for the band’s 1993 debut, “The Old 97’s” cassette. Yep, we’ve even got two tracks from that baby. If they sound strange, keep in mind that: 1) These were ripped from an eleven year-old cassette, and 2) Philip hadn’t joined the band yet. That’s Darin Lin Wood on drums.

But wait, there’s more! You can also click over to the Downloads page and check out five new mp3’s which fall into the outtakes, and demos variety. A couple were on old versions of Hit By A train and/or, but never before in a high quality .mp3 format. It sure was fun picking out a few of my favorite tracks to share. Thanks to the good folks at New West for making the server space available, and to the band and their management for going with the mp3’s. Hopefully, we’ll have more to come too.

Speaking of more to come, I’ve got a ton of reviews and photos and some tabs to post too, but the week is young, so check back soon. Cheers.

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