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The good folks at NYC’s Fearless Music have just posted a phenomenal in-studio performance of the Old 97’s “Won’t be Home.” It’s one of the best 97’s performance clips you’ll ever see, with nice production work, great sound, and an even better performance.

Also check out the MySpace page for a new Scrubs soundtrack, which features several cuts from both Old 97’s and Rhett Miller. (5/27 update: The soundtrack gets an “A” review here!) Speaking of Rhett, here’s a great April interview in The Tufts Daily, and his list of Desert Island Discs from Entertainment Weekly.

Finally, there are the beginnings of some faint rumblings to indicate the Old 97’s might be playing a series of dates early this Fall. More on those as we get closer!

We’ve had two of the tracks available for download for a while now, but have you ever heard the entire Old 97’s 1993 self-titled demo tape? Well now you can as one of the Old 97’s spots on MySpace has posted the entire four-song cassette! It was recorded before Philip even joined the band, as the liner notes read in part:

The Old 97’s are:

Rhett Miller – Lead Vocals, 6-String
Ken Bethea – Lead Guitar
Murry Hammond – Backup Vocals, Bass
Darin Lin Wood – Drums

Lisa Pankritz plays drums on “St. Ignatius”

It’s proto-97’s but good stuff. Check it out!

Since these tracks will only whet your appetite for fine music, why doncha just stay on MySpace and take a listen to the I Love Math page? You probably already know that our own Philip Peeples handles percussion duties for this great little supergroup of Dallas’ best musicians, and on May 20, I Love Math shares the stage at Deep Ellum’s Club Dada with Salim Nourallah. If you can find a better bill anywhere in Texas that night, you’d better go. But I bet you can’t find one.

Also for your listening pleasure is a new podcast interview with Rhett Miller from the folks at World Cafe Live.

And finally, don’t forget to sign up for the new and improved Old 97’s Official Mailing List. You won’t be flooded with SPAM, but will get first word on breaking news and goodies from the band, even before it’s posted here. Thanks!

Despite all the advantages they have in a fan-base (like good looks, great musical taste, and fanaticism 😉 one of the things the Old 97’s have not had in several years is a working official mailing list.

The short version of a long story: The Old 97’s had an official mailing list, but it hadn’t been pruned of old addresses since at least 1997, and now, after a zillion changes of ownership at an internet company which hosted it, it seems that the old list has finally assumed room temperature.

Well that ain’t right, and it’s high time to get this thing cranked up again. But this time, we’re using Yahoo Groups as a way to manage the list. So here’s the deal:

To sign up for the Official Old 97’s mailing list just click here, or simply send an e-mail here: Old97s_List-subscribe AT

More soon. Thanks!