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Two last things: Who’s in a Dallas studio next week, laying down demos for their new album? Uh-huh.

Second, this blog has a feature by which one can post here simply by e-mailing the correct, super-secret address. I have never once used that tool though, and prefer to post by logging into Blogger instead. This morning however, I see that we were spammed, and an e-mail sent to the super-secret Hit By A Train posting address appeared, uncommanded, right here. It was removed by yours truly as soon as it was noticed, but my apologies to anyone else who happened to see it.

Greune hall baby

April 26, 2007

Greune Hall baby. It’s a return to the scene of the crime: One the greatest Old 97’s shows ever, and it was All. On. Tape. Released to the masses as Alive & Wired, that 2005 live show is perhaps the best known of any Old 97’s show yet played. And on Saturday, May 12, the Old 97’s return for only their second time ever to Texas’ oldest dance hall. Be there! Now, if the crew scheduling department at AirTran Airways has even the slightest shred of mercy left in its withered soul, I’ll be there too.

And now for something completely different: Rhett sings the “Baby Back Ribs” song, and you know what? That radio version is actually quite, quite nice. Check it out.

I read last week about how the radio oligarchs at Clear Channel have come up with an intriguing new radio format they call Lone Star Radio, which they describe as “one of a kind amalgamation of Outlaw Country, Classic Rock and Alternative Country,” featuring “Willie Nelson to ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan to the the Old 97’s to Pat Green.” Whatever one thinks of radio monoliths, you gotta admit that’s some choice company no?

Dallas, you rightly get first crack at the new the new format, which is better still all in the good hands of Texas DJ legends Bo & Jim and Redbeard, at KZPS, Lone Star 92.5 FM. Listen up.

Finally, please bow your heads for just a moment of silence, to commemorate the third annual dismissal in the first round of the playoffs, of the NHL’s Dallas Stars…

Yeah I know. But for several years now, the 97’s have supplied a lion’s share of the Stars’ AAC arena soundtrack, and so to honor the guys, the Stars had the Old 97’s in to play live during last Sunday’s first of seven with the Canucks. Reports Robert Jenkins, “The band played live during the first intermission. Played ‘Indefinitely’ and ‘Time Bomb’. The Stars gave them all sweaters (jerseys) with their names on them and all the same number (97 of course). They played from the Stars bench area.”

“It was very cool. Sad we lost.” [Both that game, and later, the deciding Game 7. – ed.]

Well at least we took it to Game 7. Unfortunately, the results were the same as last year. And the year before that.