On top all the recent Old 97’s shows, boy do we have some solo shows on tap. First up is Murry, playing the Sunday 8/26 in El Lay at the Hotel Cafe. Says Murry, “We’re mixing the solo CD, and I wanted to do a set to polish up my stage legs.”

Then on September 20-23, Rhett plays a series of solo shows in NYC, Chicago, and Milwaukee, including two sets on September 20 at NYC’s Blue Note. Finally, on Saturday, October 27th, the Old 97’s team up for the second time this year with their old friend Willie at Dallas’ Smirnoff Music Center for a “Willie Nelson & Friends” fest. So now I can finally forgive Willie for taking his Fourth of July picnic up to Washington state!

And in album news, late word is that Texas wunderkind (and Instigator on Rhett’s 2002 solo CD of the same name) Salim Nourallah is set to helm the boards as producer of the upcoming Old 97’s CD. You probably heard his earlier work with the 97’s when he produced their cover of the Kinks “She’s Got Everything” on Sweetheart, the 2005 Valentines comp from Starbucks. Check it out, if you haven’t already. And check back soon, as we’ll have more news and some great new band photos from Jeff Uleau. Until then, don’t forget that you can contribute your photos and videos by simply e-mailing them to olds97s AT cellblock DOT com. That’s it for now!

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