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If you’ve been there, you know one of the more intriguing covers in a Old 97’s or Rhett Miller show happens on those infrequent occasions when Rhett rolls out his affecting cover of the Pixies “Wave of Mutilation”; in fact that’s been one of the most requested MP3’s over the years her at “Hit By A Train.” Well, Rhett’s finally cut that thing to CD, and you can get a copy in this month’s Harp magazine. Details here. Cheers! – frank

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January 28, 2008


Hello Internet Friends,

I have a story, “Tender Till The Day I Die”, which begins it’s week-long, serialized run on a fantastic site called FiveChapters.

Usually they post stories by REAL writers. This week, it’s little old me.

The story is one I wrote for an MTV Books compilation of stories inspired by songs. My story was inspired by the Pernice Brothers’ song “Weakest Shade Of Blue” – the lead off track on their album Yours, Mine And Ours.

MTV Books realized what an oxymoron “MTV Books” is and scratched the compilation, leaving my story homeless. Thank goodness for FiveChapters.

I hope you like it.


~ michael

If you are in the NYC area, Old 97’s will be performing on Fearless Music TV this Saturday night, January 26. They will be performing “Wont Be Home”. You can find Fearless Music in NYC on Saturday nights at 12:30 a.m. on Fox 5 or check out the complete listing for a station and time in your area at Fearless Music.

~ michael

We’ve heard from Rhett and Ken on the as-yet-unnamed new Old 97’s album. So how about Murry? First, a direct quote:

We’re all jazzed about this one. Ken is truly a guitar god this round. No joke. And I’m thrilled with it. It gets punchy the way Too Far was, but with the stylistic stretching of Fight Songs and Satellite Rides. The song pile is a good one — I’d call it a rare pile. Overall, I bet people will agree that it is the most adventuresome yet of all our albums. But it still sounds like us.

Sounds good to me. He also reveals that there will be two “Murry songs” on this one: The Beautiful Thing and Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue. Regarding the latter, Murry says “I may be prouder of it than just about any I’ve done so far.”

There’s also one tune Murry and Rhett co-wrote, a “60’s pop ditty” called My Two Feet.

This thing can’t get here soon enough.


As you may know, Murry has been working on a solo album for awhile now. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way will be out real soon. Murry once told me, “if you like ‘Valentine,’ you’ll like this record.” Heh. He said “record.” But if it sounds like “Valentine,” sign me up. If you’d like to hear some of these tunes live, head on down to Nacogdoches on Friday, February 22 for the Pine Knot Music Co-op Showcase. Murry will be performing a solo CD release show. I’d love to see him take it on the road, but I have a feeling the full band is going to keep him busy for much of this year. But maybe this means we’ll start getting a Murry song during the acoustic interlude in Old 97’s shows. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

A little more on the new album. I think I’ve managed to cobble together a complete track listing, but take it with a grain of salt. If you’ve heard any of these songs — I know a couple have shown up in Rhett’s solo shows — chime in below in the comments section.

Dance with Me
Early Morning
The Beautiful Thing
Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue
My Two Feet
The Fool
No Baby I
I Will Remain
The Easy Way
She Loves the Sunset
Ride, Ride
Here’s to the Halcyon
The One


They’re playing with whom? Take 1 part Old 97’s and mix with 1 part NHL hockey, and that usually means the 97’s are playing live or via Memorex at a Dallas Stars game. But not this time. Here’s the rest of the story from Chelsea Ide at the Dallas Observer’s “DC9 at Night” music blog:

The mash-up is a little weird, but we’re still stoked: Dallas’ Old 97’s will open for Wyclef Jean at a NHL charity shindig. The January 25 show, in Atlanta, benefits Usher’s New Look Foundation. The concert kicks off the 2008 NHL All-Star Weekend, which includes the all-star game (which those not wanting to fly to the ATL can see on Versus Sunday, January 27). OK, so it’s not the Super Bowl, but we’re still proud of our alt-country boys.

It has to be one of the Old 97’s more unique bills since their outing on the original Lollapalooza tour, back in 1997 (The weisenheimers at put it better!) Atlanta folks, the show’s at The Tabernacle, so be there or be square! – frank