So there’s no link to this story, but I was intrigued to see Old 97’s name-checked in today’s USA Today, where music critic Ken Barnes lists a new 97’s track in his weekly “The Playlist” feature. Oddly, the new song he mentions ain’t the first single, “Dance With Me.” Instead he writes this of the new Hammond and Miller composition “My Two Feet”:

Cult heroes are back with an exuberant alt-country wall of sound, from Blame It On Gravity, out May 13.

“Alt-country wall of sound”? Are you kidding me??? I am so there it’s not even funny. – frank

p.s. – Your first B.I.O.G. reviews will be up here this week; also we got two new Old 97’s and two new Rhett Miller tour dates up, with lots more sure to come in the days ahead. So check back soon!

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