Hi again everybody! (Kinda cool how busy we get around Hit By A Train come new-cd time, ain’t it?) First, I hope you’ll agree that the site is really looking better since its redesign, and the addition of Michael Johnson and Jeff Neely as contributors. But whatever our assets (mainly that we’re all Texas-based guys of a similar age) we share certain liabilities too, mainly that we’re all Texas-based guys of a similar age. I’m not talking BarcaLoungers and Sans-a-Belt slacks, but anyone whose ever spent time in a dorm knows that whenever you’ve just got bunch of guys running around, you need to throw open the windows now and then.

That’s why I’ve asked Jennifer Cooke to join us. And displaying a serious lapse in judgement, she’s agreed. Those of you on the Wrecked list already know HBAT’s new Left Coast Correspondent, but for the rest of you guys: Jennifer hails from sunny San Diego, where she’s contributed to Grindstone Magazine, Aversion.com, and the San Diego Reader. You know what that means, right? After nearly twelve years, we finally have someone who knows how to write!

Plus she’s done the occasional radio bit too, and best of all, just a couple of weeks ago, she almost got to meet Dave Grohl! Almost. Please make her feel welcome!

Finally, I can also say that some of HBAT’s contributors have, uhm… heard a new CD called Blame It On Gravity. And in the days and weeks ahead, we’ll start to share impressions of what USA Today’s Ken Barnes is already calling an “Alt-country wall of sound,” and what Rhett describes, in a piece published just today in Billboard, as “epic and beautiful.”

So that’s all for now. Jen, Jeff, Michael: Y’all take it away. And everyone else, we want to hear what you’ve got to say too, anytime, via e-mail or by your comments here. Cheers – frank