I love this time in the album release cycle, and here’s just one more reason why: Ladies and Gentlemen: Set your DVR’s, VCR’s, Super 8’s or kinescopes, as the Old 97’s return to the Tonight Show on Thursday. April 24, to play “Dance With Me.”

In other new album news, Murry Hammond’s second solo album, I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way is due April 21 at Amazon, Miles of Music, and elsewhere. But for now you can hear it in all its complete, high-lonesome glory, streaming on Murry’s page, complete with two free mp3 downloads. We’ll have more details here soon, including an entire page devoted to the album, and here’s a hint: If you even have half a shine for the 97’s, Ranchero Brothers, or maybe the just the Carter Family, trains, or Jesus, you’re gonna love this album!

I Don't Know Where I'm Going...Also, you may recall when, last August, I started pimping some great new, coming-soon, in-concert shots taken of the 97’s at their Lancaster, PA performance, by Jeff Uleau. Then… and then… nothing. Getting busy with other stuff, I dropped the ball. Until now that is. Just click on over to HBAT’s “New Images” page and scroll down to catch these babies in their oversized splendor. And those aren’t the only good new 97’s pics to surface of late. Over on the Hitchhiking list, Casey Jones left a link to some outstanding snaps of the band he took at their recent SXSW gig at Stubb’s in Austin. Check ’em out.

Finally, back to Blame It On Gravity news: Did you know that it will be available as a CD/DVD combo? Tru dat. The bonus DVD gets you a 44 minute documentary, covering the history of the Old 97’s, and features live performances of 97’s classics and cuts off BIOG. (Note to self: I know bootlegging is bad for the biz, but criminy, did labels used to include so many extra goodies with CD’s, to get us to buy instead of steal?) And have you heard the one about I Love Math joining the 97’s for several of their upcoming tourdates? That’s no joke, but it still makes me happy.

All right, enough of the navel-gazing. Y’all check back soon for more stuff! Cheers – frank

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