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April 26, 2008

What do you mean you missed the Tonight Show?

You know, after an episode featuring Old 97’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilu Henner, Inside the Actors Studio’s b*****t crazy James Lipton, and American Idol’s most recent bootee, the heavily-inked, goth-Gaelic howler, Carly Smithson, playing the “Six Degree of Separation” game gets so easy as to be pointless. This, ladies and gentlemen, was one for the Pop Culture Ages. So shame on you for falling asleep on the couch.

(A.I. Pop Quiz: Is Carly capable of singing a song without wrestling it to the ground, kneeling on its throat, and beating it into submission? Answer: No, though I will miss her tattooed freak of a husband. Also, someone have better damn well taken some pictures in that NBC green room! – f.e.)

But not to worry, lazybones, as Hit By A Train’s staff psychologist, Dr. David Welsh, understands the deep-seated need of Old 97’s fans to replay a performance which, for my money, sounded better than any of their previous broadcasts, save perhaps their Austin City Limits gig in 1998. So Dr. Welsh wants to help you. Thus, he suggests you watch this clip three times a day, after meals, with a glass of water; encourages you to stay on your other meds (especially those little pink ones); and says to tell you that your mom doesn’t really hate you; that’s just how she is. Enjoy!

And if you just can’t wait ’til May 13, the 97’s now have three tracks from Blame It On Gravity available for download at The pants-off, booty-shaking “Dance With Me,” the beautiful jangle-fest of “No Baby I,” and Murry’s epic and aching “Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue.” And if the sound doesn’t quite compare to that on the CD, you can also catch a terrific video of the band playing the sterling Hammond & Miller composition, “My Two Feet” here.

Finally, we’ve noted here with sadness the passing of the print edition of No Depression magazine. However, NoDep co-editor Peter Blackstock notes there is a

“…long feature on the 97’s in the new/final [#75 May/June] issue of ND, by the way, written by accomplished author and former 60 Minutes producer John Marks.”

“Claiming it’s the best piece anyone has ever written on the 97’s would sorta be dogging my ownself since I wrote the cover story on them for us back in ND #21; but I’ll take my lumps, cuz I think it’s true.”

So there’s yet another reason to get down to your local bookstore, stat, before the final issue of America’s finest music mag leaves the shelves for good. Cheers – frank

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