So if you’re in Jonesboro, Arkansas, next week (5/13 – 5/17) for Blame It On Gravity’s release, what could be better than settling down with your new CD over a cold beer or three, and a free pizza. Free pizza? Well yes, as the folks at Jonesboro’s Papa Cella’s pizza are such big Old 97’s fans that they’re offering a free medium pie to anyone who can show proof of purchasing BIOG. Now that’s what I call street teaming. So bon appetite, and happy listening!

But be advised that if you’re holding out for one of the vinyl copies of BIOG, those are now not set to hit the shelves until June 3. (Hey, it ain’t easy to find LP pressing plants these days!) Also, if you happen to visit BIOG’s page, be sure to check out the “exclusive performance of ‘Dance With Me’ recorded at the ME-TV studios” in Austin during SXSW. And speaking of great performances, I’d mentioned that I thought the band’s 4/24 Tonight Show spot was their best sounding since their 1998 Austin City Limits gig. I was wrong. Having finally gotten home to see and hear it in HD and Dolby 5.1, I can say that it was far and away their best and tightest sounding televised performance ever. Wow.

And in case you haven’t dropped by lately, the Old 97’s MySpace page, now has two early-favorite BIOG tracks, “My Two Feet,” and “Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue,” available for your listening please. You’ll also notice some spring cleaning going on over there, with a good looking new layout. And speaking of, the band’s official website will also be stylin’ a new paint job next week. I’ve seen it and it looks great. But better still, at the same time will also be rolling out the band’s first-ever, official fan forum. I’ll be there, and hope to see you there too.

Somewhere else I’d like to see you, but probably won’t (damn the man!) is the BIOG CD release party, on Tuesday May 13 at the Granada Theater in Dallas. It’s a free, album-listening and CD signing shindig with the guys, but I’m noticing something interesting at the bottom of ads promoting the event: “Secret Surprise Live Guest Performance!” Hmm.

And if you’re watching the NHL Western Conference Finals next Wednesday (Go Stars!) keep an eye peeled for the band, as the Dallas Morning News notes that “former Stars season-ticker holders, the Old 97’s, will be performing before Wednesday’s Game 4 on the Plaza and between periods.”

Finally, don’t forget to stop by HBAT’s Blame It On Gravity page, where were keeping up with all the news and reviews for BIOG, much of which gets posted there first! So check it out and check back soon. Cheers – frank

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