This week’s title comes from a great Dallas Morning News review of the Old 97’s 5/31 homecoming at Dallas’ House of Blues. While you’re here, don’t miss what I think is one of the most telling feature stories I’ve read on the band in ages. You just won’t find better capsule summaries of the personalities in this band than in this May 28th feature in the Houston Chronicle (and don’t miss the accompanying video either).

In other nice news, BIOG debuted at No. 85 on The Billboard 200, which is the band’s highest chart debut ever, and also opened at No. 9 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart. Not bad for a little old indie band from Texas, I’d say. That little old band has added two new dates too: They’ll be back in Chicago on July 4 for the Taste of Chicago Fest, and in Austin on September 27, for the Austin City Limits Fest. (“Now with more hippies!” – TM)

BIOGAnd now for your Old 97’s grab bag: In the hours before their June 4 Minneapolis gig, the boys dropped by the clapboard, Lake Woebegone studios of Minnesota Public Radio to play “Dance With Me,” “My Two Feet,” and “The Easy Way.” Also, gearheads will not want to miss this terrific, über-techie and behind-the-scenes article from BIOG recording engineer Rip Rowan, on the intricate process of recording just one one of the tracks on the album, in this case, “Ride.” Also, I recently stumbled across this link to a 1999 feature story on the Old 97’s from Salon. It had been posted to a long-ago version of Hit By A Train, but is well worth another look. Also, this just in today:

The original 24″ X 48″ acrylic painting used for the cover and booklet of the Old 97’s latest CD, Blame it on Gravity is being auctioned on Ebay (note: link is inactive until June 12! – f.e.) by it’s creator, Jayme Nourallah. Jayme is a Dallas based artist and prominent photographer who also happens to be the wife of Old 97’s producer, Salim Nourallah. The auction starts on Thursday June 12th and ends on Sunday June 22nd. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a special, one-of-a-kind piece of Old 97s memorabilia!

Finally, don’t for get to drop by HBAT’s Gravity, and On My Way pages, for scads of new reviews and feature stories covering both the Old 97’s and Murry Hammond albums, and check back here soon for more stuff. Cheers – frank

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