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26 Apr, 2008

Meds mp3s miscellany


What do you mean you missed the Tonight Show? You know, after an episode featuring Old 97's, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilu Henner, Inside the Actors Studio's b*****t crazy James Lipton, and American Idol's most recent bootee, the heavily-inked, goth-Gaelic howler, Carly Smithson, playing the "Six Degree of Separation" game gets so easy as to be pointless. This, ladies and gentlemen, was one for the Pop Culture Ages. So shame on you for falling asleep on the couch. (A.I. Pop Quiz: Is Carly capable of singing a song without wrestling it to the ground, kneeling on its throat, and beating it into

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25 Apr, 2008

There will be cd release party at


There will be a cd release party at The Granada Theater May 13th from 7-10 pm. The boys will not be performing, but will be there. The bonus dvd will be screened. This is free and no need for tickets. If you havent seen the video for "My Two Feet" it is available on the MySpace page. We might be adding the performance from The Tonight Show very soon. ~ michael

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23 Apr, 2008

I dont know where to find murrys cd


Just a few quick notes today. Murry's album, I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way *is* "on the way," but you guys need to realize it's an old-fashioned, DIY indie record, so have some patience and keep checking Amazon, Miles of Music, and the like. You'll get your copy. Mike Orren of Pegasus News already has his and gives it this well-deserved, glowing review. Also, I just received this today:Your readers might be interested in a Houston show happening this Sunday, featuring a rare solo performance - Murry Hammond will be headlining at Walter's on Washington.First

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14 Apr, 2008

Listen up to biog


So Amazon today released clips from the entirety of Blame It On Gravity, and they give a good, if incomplete, impression of an album that, over the past two weeks, has planted more little sonic earwigs in my brain than any other Old 97's CD. It's that good. Enjoy. And order that deluxe CD/DVD combo version too, while you're over there listening.Finally, over on the Hitchhiking list, Jack Epsteen posted an outstanding review of Rhett Miller's April 12 show at LA's Largo, during which Rhett announced that both the 4/11 and 4/12 shows were being taped for a possible live

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11 Apr, 2008

1st biog review


The very first review of Blame It On Gravity is in! And you know what? I think he gets it just about right on. Right on! - frank

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8 Apr, 2008

Pixies paste


You guys may recall that on the CD insert of one of its final issues, (Mars Volta's on the cover) Harp Magazine featured Rhett Miller covering the Pixies "Wave of Mutilation" in a terrific acoustic arrangement with a wild psychobilly guitar break. Then, when Rhett mentioned at some of his shows that "contractual issues" prevented him from crediting the player involved, I became really intrigued, and began asking around various lists to see if anyone could tell me exactly who played with Rhett on that already hard-to-find track.Well recently I got a note from someone, who shall remain nameless (but

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7 Apr, 2008

Set your dvrs vcrs super 8s and


I love this time in the album release cycle, and here's just one more reason why: Ladies and Gentlemen: Set your DVR's, VCR's, Super 8's or kinescopes, as the Old 97's return to the Tonight Show on Thursday. April 24, to play "Dance With Me."In other new album news, Murry Hammond's second solo album, I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm On My Way is due April 21 at Amazon, Miles of Music, and elsewhere. But for now you can hear it in all its complete, high-lonesome glory, streaming on Murry's page, complete with two free mp3 downloads.

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2 Apr, 2008

Music so taut it bounces like


"Under Salim Nourallah's production, the music's so taut, it bounces like a trampoline – and jumps with the same sense of adventure. And the guitar work... well, Miller rightly says Bethea has hit a career peak; whether he's twangin' or rockin' – or both – it's nothing less than sterling throughout." That's all from a great new interview with Rhett. Enjoy! - frank

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28 Mar, 2008

Old 97s epk


Hey y'all, the Electronic Press Kit for BIOG was released today on YouTube. Enjoy! - frank

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27 Mar, 2008

Old 97s video download


Hi gang: New West Records has just put up their new Old 97's page, on which you can sign-up to download a video of the full band playing "My Two Feet" (an early personal favorite of mine on BIOG BTW) at their recording wrap party in Dallas. Check it! - frank

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