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According to his twitter feed (@rhettmiller), Rhett will appear on the season finale of 30 Rock, playing himself. The episode is already in the can. No other details as of yet, though he’s hinted that he may “live tweet” the show when it debuts. Set the DVRs, folks.

-jeff (@old97s, @jefeboy)

Its omnibus

April 3, 2009

Thanks for the update below, Michael! And as he mentioned, we have got a ton and a half of new, Old 97’s and Rhett Miller tour dates, including a series of “An Evening With Old 97’s” featuring solo sets by both Rhett and Murry!

Rhett Miller

Also, don’t forget that Rhett’s self-titled fourth solo CD drops 6/9. Shown above, the early buzz is outstanding, as those of you who’ve seen Rhett trying out the new tunes at solo shows can testify.

In addition, Rhett is also a contributor to the upcoming Amplified: Fiction from Leading Alt-Country, Indie Rock, Blues and Folk Musicians, due out from Melville House on May 5.

Finally, you guys deserve a bit of an explanation for the less-frequent than normal updates over the past few months. The reasons behind them are several. Late last summer I had a health scare that kept me laid up and off work for a couple of months. I’m completely fine now, thank you. Then in the fall, after fourteen years in my old home, I bought a new place. I know, right? I was just trying to be patriotic in the midst of the credit crunch. Besides, the place was a steal 😉 Those of you who’ve ever bought or sold a home know what a time-sucking vampire the whole home-buying, selling, and moving process can be, and it was in this case too.

Then, two weeks after I moved in, my father had a massive stroke. (BTW, that’s us in both pictures, just after we’d upgraded to captain, taken in the same spot in my parent’s house, some twenty years apart.) He’s making an amazing recovery, thank you, but as you can imagine, from December through late January, much of my free time was otherwise spoken for.

Then, just as I was coming up for air in February, I was asked to take on some additional duties in the union where I work. All in all, it’s just been a crazy nine months. But as we approach the drop date for Rhett’s new record, a whole mess of new shows, and have the Old 97’s reconvening in the studio for their next album, I can assure you that Hit By A Train will be up to speed and on the job with all the latest and greatest on the 97’s, and some inside skinny on the finest alt-country/insurgent rock/pop/Americana/name-your-genre band in the land. Cheers! – frank

Rhett Miller’s new solo album will be released June 9 on Shout! Factory label. Here is a look at one of the photos from the photo session and a chat with the photographer, Jason Janik. The album cover can be seen at

Some more tour dates. The concerts with an * have some unknown openers named Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond doing solo sets.

May 2 Cubby Bear, Chicago
May 3 Cubby Bear, Chicago
May 8 Taste Addison, Addison, TX
May 16 Tulsa International Mayfest, Tulsa, OK
June 19* Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
June 20* Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
June 23* Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
June 24* Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
June 25* Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach, DE
June 26* Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
June 27* Recher Theatre, Baltimore, MD

~ michael