Howdy gang:

Just a quick note to hip everyone to a fine new interview, up just this week, between Rhett and author Ben “Superbad” Greenman, and to get y’all in on a pre-order of Rhett’s new, self-titled CD. It’s available for order today at, which also has up a nifty, solo-acoustic video of the album’s catchy-like-a-cold first single, “In Need To Know Where I Stand.” You can also pre-order from Newbury Comics, and that one comes complete with a signed CD booklet. It’s all good!

Pop Quiz: Did you know that Hit By A Train has an RSS feed? It’s been there… forever. It used to be listed cryptically at the bottom of page as “Add ‘Hit By A Train’ to your My Yahoo page,” and worse still, it hasn’t been working correctly since HBAT’s hosting company moved us onto some new servers last year.

But much griping in the comments has shamed me into fixing it. First, the link at bottom now reads “Subscribe to Hit By A Train’s RSS Feed.” I’m also spending this afternoon to get it up and running correctly again, reconfiguring the HBAT archives, AND getting ready for a little Rhett Miller sneak-peek and listening party. That’s right, we’re going to preview Rhett’s new CD here in its entirety. At the party, we’ll stream the songs, interspersed with audio comments from Rhett on the album’s creation, and while all that’s going on, you’ll be able to share your thoughts, and see what others have to say about Rhett’s fourth solo CD. And it takes place here at Hit By A Train.

Now what works best for you guys, next Tuesday 5/12 at 8pm, or should we shoot for the following week? Leave your thoughts in the “Comments” and stay tuned. Cheers – frank

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