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September 15, 2009

Hi everybody: I’m not dead! Just overwhelmed with work, union, and family at the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t see much letup either until next Spring. But I do have a grab-bag of Old 97’s goodies today, first up a nice new interview of Murry and Rhett the folks at, another with Rhett from CNN (hat tip: Sean Martin), and some great photos of the guys’ recent Ft. Worth gig at the hoidy-toidy Bass Hall from Clay Billman. Thanks Clay! Meanwhile the Dallas Observer kicks in a fine slideshow of the 97’s kicking off the inaugural gig at Dallas’ new Hard Rock Cafe a few weeks back.

Murry himself forwards a link to a classic, November 1982, Texas Monthly article on the burgeoning punk-rock ‘zine scene in Texas, featuring “Most Likely To Suceed” Boyd High School athlete, and punk-teen ‘zine impresario, one Murry Hammond. In all immodesty, I did point out to Murry that I beat him into Texas Monthly by over a year, as illustrated here. That’s yours truly in glorious black & white on the cover page of the piece, back when I was defending Bryan-College Station against the encroaching march of godless communism. While we won the Cold War on the Brazos, IIRC, we lost to U of H that day, 10-7. (Bonus joke: Why did the orphan pray to be adopted an Aggie? Because Aggies never beat anyone.)

Also, while watching previews before “District 9” a couple of weeks back, I noticed “Timebomb” prominently featured in the soundtrack for the upcoming Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Long comedy, Youth In Revolt. Check it out then take this pop quiz: How many feature films how now featured that Old 97’s classic?

Finally, again with thanks to Sean Martin, here’s a link to a great boot of the tribute to the then-recently departed Johnny Cash, in which the 97’s stole the show, from the 2003 ACL Fest in Austin. I was there, and lemme tell you, they kicked about a hundred miles of ass.

I’ve got more stuff, but no more time, as I’m off in a couple of hours for some R&R in Europe. So until next time, Cheers. y’all! – frank

Rhett in europe

September 11, 2009

I thought I’d posted this already, but I guess not. Check this link for info on Rhett’s upcoming European tour with none other than Steve Earle. Here’s hoping they get some downtime to collaborate on some songwriting together!

Bloodshoot Records is re-releasing Wreck Your Life on vinyl on November 17, according to the label’s twitter feed. You can see an image of it here.

EDIT for further info from @BSHW: The LP will include Wreck Your Life (never before available on vinyl), 7” singles, compilation tracks and a snazzy gatefold jacket!