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4 nights 96 songs

December 31, 2009

Well, the boys’ four-night stand at Sons of Hermann Hall is in the books — and in the can, as the entire shindig was recorded. Cross your fingers that it will see the light of day. I was only able to attend night two, but I can attest that they were on fire, and the rarities just added to the fun.

You can read a couple of good reviews at The Dallas Observer and at Pegasus News.

And for your reading pleasure, here are the setlists from all four nights:

Bird in a Cage
Streets of Where I’m From
My Two Feet
Crash on the Barrelhead
You Belong To My Heart
The New Kid
Barrier Reef
Friends Forever
Old Familiar Steam
Busted Afternoon
I Will Remain
Iron Road
King of the World
Miss Molly
The Easy Way
Champaign, Illinois – Ranchero Brothers
Harold’s Super Service – Ranchero Brothers
Bel Air
Curtain Calls

Here’s to the Halcyon
Let the Train Blow the Whistle
Murder (or a Heart Attack)
If My Heart Was a Car
Alone So Far
She Loves the Sunset
Buick City Complex
Can’t Get a Line
St. Ignatius
Am I Too Late
Big Brown Eyes
Daybed – Ranchero Brothers
In the Satellite Rides a Star – Ranchero Brothers
Five Years (David Bowie cover)
Dressing Room Walls

The Fool
Just Like California
Book of Poems
Making Love to You
W. TX Teardrops
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
Lonely Holiday
Early Morning
Melt Show
Valium Waltz
The Other Shoe
Let the Idiot Speak
Color of a Lonely Heart Is Blue
Designs on You
The One
Four Leaf Clover
Sweet Thing Pine Bluff – Ranchero Brothers
Lost at Sea – Ranchero Brothers
Tupelo County Jail (Webb Pierce cover)

Won’t Be Home
Dance With Me
Over the Cliff
Up the Devil’s Pay
Desperate Times
The Villain
What We Talk About
Eyes For You
Wish the Worst
No Baby I
What I Wouldn’t Do
Blinding Sheets of Rain
The House That Used To Be
Drowning in the Days
Rollerskate Skinny
Visiting hours – Ranchero Brothers
Mama Tried – Ranchero Brothers
Goin’, Goin’ Gone
Nervous Guy
Cryin’ Drunk

That, my friends, was one for the ages.


There is a new merch store for Old 97’s. There are some of your old favorites and new t-shirts. There will be more product coming soon. Old97’ is going to be run by a new company. The old one wasnt keeping up with tour dates and the store had some problems. The new site should be better and up and running soon.


Welcome to our first attempt to share some live shows with the unwashed masses. If this works, I’ll add more shows over the coming weeks.

This is an interesting CD. Labeled Ranchero Brothers, 5-7-99, Viper Club. It’s a recent acquisition for me, found through Twitter and the generous @Pens7M. I believe it refers to the infamous Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA. Anecdotally, a search of Wrecked (the belovedly random Yahoo group) leads me to believe the boys played before a ’70s disco revival band named “Boogie Knights” that was in residency on Friday nights at the time. Maybe that’s why the crowd chats a little more than one would like.

However, the Ranchero portion of the show ends with Big Brown Eyes at track 13. After that, it’s a full-on Old 97’s show. Seven tracks of classic awesome, all pre-TFTC songs. I would love to know when/where that was recorded, and I’d love to have the rest of that show. I don’t normally like to mix 2 shows on a single CD, but this stuff was too good to leave off.

Some technical details: the link should start a download of a ZIP file from my shared Dropbox folder. Unzip it and you’ll have every track in FLAC format. If you don’t know what any of that is, this is going to be very hard for you. But Google is your friend, and you should be able to find the free apps you need to decode them. I’ll never share a live boot in MP3 format, it’s against the bootlegger creed and I’ll not anger that randy bunch.



Look’s like everyone was excited about Jefe idea for a Ranchero Brothers album. And Dallas is about to finally get the “An Evening with Old 97’s” shows at Hermann Hall. Dr David is back with some goodies for us. He video taped some solo performances of Rhett and Murry and will post a new video clip each week until the show. Including a Ranchero Brothers version of Timebomb. This week we have Murry singing Lost At Sea. Enjoy!

~ michael