Quick note from Rhett:

Google has asked me to translate one of my songs into French or Spanish and perform it. I want you to choose which one. Tomorrow, Sunday 11/21, from 3-4 PM EASTERN ONLY, tweet any and all requests for any of my songs; choose French or Spanish; AND tell me a funny/romantic/touching/scary story why you chose that song and how the language relates. You MUST hashtag all responses: #therhettproject. Post as many requests as you want, but remember that I’ll only read submissions posted on Twitter during that one hour (3-4pm EST Sunday). The funniest/most moving/best story, as judged by me, wins. I’ll make a video singing the winning song in the winning language, and the winner will be revealed when google posts the video in December. (I’ll tweet the exact date when I know it.) Look forward to reading your brilliant ideas.

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  1. How do you request a song/language and a story to win when you are limited to 140 characters?

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