Giving Thanks

November 25, 2010

Being it is Thanksgiving, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect upon some of the things I am thankful for from the past ten months. This year has brought many a blessings my way–the continued good health of those I hold dear, work that for the most part doesn’t suck and of course, the gift of a new Old 97’s album.

That last element is a gift which will fortunately keep on giving long into 2011 with a huge list of tour dates culminating in the release of TGT, Volume 2 and its own barrage of appearances in support of what promises to be another tremendous musical effort pairing older, unreleased gems with new pearls. Then there’s Rhett’s latest solo work slated for production next year as well as renewed rumors of a Ranchero Brothers CD. Whew!! Luckily for us, it seems this train ain’t derailing any time soon.

One of the many joys of following this amazing band is getting to know fellow train wreckers. I’ve had such a blast standing shoulder-to-shoulder with several fan failthful at shows both home and away, dancing and singing along (poorly in my case–sorry Rhett) to the whip-smart tunes I will love until my dying breath! I have forged some wonderful friendships over the past year through a common love of all things Old 97’s. We’re creating quite a nice little family here. Hopefully I’ll get to meet more of you in the coming months as our favorite quartet crisscrosses the country.

Do I hear tweet up?

Yep, it has been an exciting year to be an Old 97’s fan, and this is just the beginning. I can’t end this missive without giving a special note of thanks to all involved here at for allowing Stephanie and I the incredible opportunity to contribute to this site. We shall do our best to earn your respect and help keep this train a rolling on.

Now go put on your comfy elastic waist sweat pants, grab a glass of wine and go stuff you face. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!