November 30, 2010

An interview with Murry and Rhett for Extra. Not sure it is going to be on the show. They also perform “Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)”. No Mario Lopez, sorry.

~ michael


    • 11/30/2010
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    Love it, Murry killin’ it on bass!

    • 11/30/2010
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    This clip had such a cool energy to it! Great job guys, and I loved the bit about Rhett’s writing communicating and sharing language! I Love words, they are so important, and we have to be reminded of certain ones from time to time. Also, very curious and wanna hear this “Daylight’s Saving Time Machine” song! hA!

    • I’m with you, meanjeen! I always look forward to discovering Rhett’s poetic pearls within those raucous melodies. As much as I’d love to see their star rise higher, I treasure the fact the 97’s are our little secret.

      “Daylight Savings Time Machine”, what a great titlest (is that even a word?) he is. Ha!

  1. I agree with all comments above, and would hasten to add: Thanks goodness for Rhett’s gloriously short attention span! It’s given us some great songs. I’ve read one of his short stories, however, and would also say that he should definitely not give up on that art form.

  2. Will be airing on Extra show, very soon.. as well

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