Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. It’s taken the boys a while to narrow it down, but we have 11 finalists in a Facebook photo album. Check it out here, and click “like” for your favorite design. We’ll tally up the “likes” at the end of December and announce the winner early next year.

A few ground rules:

~ Vote early, and vote often.
~ The band reserves the right to pick the final winner.
~ The winning design may be tweaked or polished to be made print-ready.
~ Um, I think that’s it.

See you at the rock show.


    • 11/30/2010
    • Reply

    I would hope the band picks the winner, voting on Facebook doesn’t seem to be a fair way to go about things, the more friends you have, the better your chance? I just don’t know about that, but hey that’s just me, plus I don’t do Facebook!

  1. The band will pick the final, but the idea was to have fan input. I don’t think people’s friends will skew the voting too much. There’s a clear front runner right now, too…

      • 12/01/2010
      • Reply

      well folks like me who don’t play the fagbook can’t vote.
      I like the matchbook.

        • 12/01/2010
        • Reply

        Yeah, Facebook and Twitter are useful tools for bands these days and our boys are doing a pretty good job with both, rock on!

  2. I’m very happy to be in the final 11! Thanks boys.

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