Link roundup 12/9/10

December 9, 2010

Live in the studio with WNYC’s Soundcheck. (audio)

Live on Imus in the Morning performing Champaign, IL and Let the Whiskey Take the Reins. (video)

Live on Good Morning NY. (video)

Live @ The Bowery Ballroom 12/8/10 (photos)

American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums of 2010 (Where TGTV1 is #18.)

Blog post about Champaign, IL.


  1. I think the Imus performance of Champaign IL was even better than the Leno one. They were rougher somehow (maybe even tired), and it translated to a great performance.

      • 12/10/2010
      • Reply

      That DJs voice on WNYC kills me every time. Can’t stand it!

  2. Here is the video of the boys singing “A State of Texas” Live on Soundcheck yesterday on WNYC Radio

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