Old 97’s on the Steve Earle Show

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“I’m living in a state of Texas and Texas lives in me,” sings Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller on the band’s eighth studio album, The Grand Theatre Vol. 1, which was recorded in the Lone Star State. Miller and his bandmates Murry Hammond, Ken Bethea, and Phillip Peebles perform songs from the new album in the SIRIUS XM studios in NYC and talk with Steve Earle about their shared Texas heritage and more on this special episode of the “Steve Earle Show: Hardcore Troubadour Radio.”

On-Air Time: Saturday, December 18 9 pm ET

Duration: one hour

Rebroadcast: Sunday, December 19 9 am ET; Monday, December 20 7 pm ET and Wednesday, December 22 11 pm ET

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  1. Oh man, this is gonna be cool.

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