I know, I’m way behind in announcing this. But if you kept up with the Facebook voting at all, the standings are clear. The number one vote getter, with 302 “likes,” was the motel sign by Austin designer Steve Chandler.

motel sign t-shirt design by Steve Chandler

motel sign t-shirt design by Steve Chandler

The second-highest vote getter was also by Steve Chander — the matchbook, with 118 “likes.”

matchbook t-shirt design by Steve Chandler.

matchbook t-shirt design by Steve Chandler.

So as you can tell by the image at the top of this page, we’ve decided to go with a suggestion from the Facebook comments, and combine them into one shirt. It makes sense conceptually, and it just looks good. Congratulations Steve, and thanks again to everyone who entered. I’ll let you know when this one is available in the site store.


  1. It looks great. Way to go Steve!

  2. Great design! I was wearing the bluebird one while in San Diego a couple of weeks ago (though I live in NYC) and had a great conversation in an elevator as a result!

  3. How do I get one?

    • We’ll have this one for sale in the site store very soon.

  4. I hereby request that you add Elvis Costello’s “Motel Matches” to your setlists.

  5. Are you going to have it in 3x?

  6. I like the design because it’s cool looking. But what does it have to do with the band? All those great lyrics just waiting to be put on T Shirts. I found one that says “I’ve got issues” at a mall. Now that’s and Old 97’s type of T shirt. It’s cool when only other 97’s fans get it. And it’s a fun way to expose people who ask where did you get that. Am i the only one who feels that?

  7. nice shirt but… most of the designs, incl.. this one, are to me, something that old navy would have on their tables(tees of fake places + events etc)now the one of the mommy cat nursing kittens while smoking ciggie(i would have added beer paws)just screams old 97’s!!!! why don’t we leave window open for “potential” tee shirt designs? could be interesting…if it seems i am being overly critical, it may be because my kitty is about to go to that horrible continent called euthinasia- forgive me + my spelling!

  8. Love it but think the ‘no vacancy’ should be illuminated since the shows are selling out.


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