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If you mosey on over to the forum, you’ll notice a Media Links thread at the top of the “General” category. We’ve created this as an effort to corral all of the fantastic media performances the band has been doing over the course of touring in support of TGTV1 into a sort of one-stop shop. Like everything on the forum, this is a cooperative, so please feel free to add any presser links of interest.

Also for those who missed the original download of the TFTC Demos, there are two temporary links posted in the Forum. These downloads will only be available until March 6th, so get on that, Baby!

The Old 97’s are halfway through their February bookings and have garnered some rave reviews so far. They played to a smaller but no less enthusiastic crowd for their second go-round in Fayetteville, Arkansas. One young lady was so enrapt, she was compelled to join Rhett and Murry on stage for Valentine. She may have even developed an appreciation for Jameson before she was gently escorted off.

rocking the Pageant

Moving on to St. Louis, MO our favorite quartet wowed the packed Pageant with a 27-song setlist. Here are a couple of glowing reviews from KDHX’s Meghan McGlynn

Riverfront Times’ Katie Moulton

and 3 Minute Record

Philip’s view of sound check at the Vic

Next up, Chicago’s Vic Theatre, coincidently spelled like The Grand Theatre. I guess the big question is whether Chi-townies pronounce it The-A-ter as well. One fan, Paul LeTour (his real name or clever moniker? Anyone’s guess. His love of the band is all that matters, right.) logged this report:

Having sailed through three cities, Mother Nature decided things were running too smoothly. It was time to kick it up a notch with a good, old fashioned blizzard. After all, it is February in Minneapolis. When the tour bus made it safely to the hotel, there was only about four inches of snow on the ground.

By show time, it was a full-on winter wonderland that would have had Alaska beaming with pride, making the journey to and from treacherous. Just ask Those Darlins. They did a 180 in the snow-covered street whilst en route to the First Avenue club. With the assistance of a trucker, they managed to take the stage about 30 minutes late. Not bad for a Southern band battling an unrelenting Northern winer blast.

First Avenue Road Warriors

According to Philip, the venue had 100+ no-shows, but the 500 brave (or is it foolhardy) wreckers who thumbed their collective noses at the elements made up for the missing patrons with tremendous enthusiasm. In return they were rewarded with a performance worthy of the white-knuckle trek. You Minnesotans are a hearty lot indeed.

TC Daily Planet’s, Jay Gabler

Timmy the Freak’s-first-avenue-mainroom/

After playing in Kentucky last night, the bus is rolling south through the Carolina’s, Georgia and finally Florida, so chances are high they’ll finally hit some much appreciated sunshine to take the chill off their Texas bones.

We’ll keep you posted with links to reviews and such here. Those of you lucky enough to take in a show or three during this leg, don’t forget to log into the forum to share your thoughts, photos, videos, setlists, drunken tales with the rest of us stuck in our living rooms.

Setlist photo courtesy of Timmy the Freak; Pageant photo courtesy of Jon Gitchoff; The Vic courtesy of Philip Peebles; First Avenue photo courtesy of Timmy the Freak

A Glimpse Into The Future

February 23, 2011

Nikki Darlin from Those Darlins, currently opening for the Old 97’s, has sketched a preview of what the guys may look like if we are all lucky enough to be here for another fifty years. I’m not sure if ladies are throwing undergarments on stage these days, but let’s all make a pact that our Depends stay-put if we’re still going to their shows in the 2060’s.

In the not-so-distant future, The Grand Theatre Volume 2 will be released. Check out Rhett’s latest video diary for a little tease of a track. Nice moves, Murry.


A new leg of the tour starts tonight, and once again we’ve got goodies for anyone who signs in at a show on Gowalla. Here’s the scoop from Cindy Royal:

Go on a cross-country trek with Old 97’s. Check in at 3 shows during
February and March, and you’ll get a special pin for your Gowalla
passport. Plus, everyone who checks in at a show gets a free, rare demo
download. From Arkansas to Chicago to Florida, wrapping things up in
their home state of Texas, there are many opportunities to rock with the

You must visit at least 3 spots to complete the trip.

If you’re not on Gowalla, it’s easy to join:

1. Download the Gowalla app for your smartphone. It’s available on
iPhone, Android and many other services.

2. Set up a login and password.

3. Make sure you are following Old 97′s on Gowalla. Go to and click “Add As Friend.” Or you can choose
“Bookmark This Trip” at (make sure you
are logged in). You must either follow the band or bookmark the trip to
be eligible for the pin.

4. When you’re at a show, look for the special Old 97′s event spots and
check in (if you don’t see it in the Check In list, search for Old
97’s). You’ll then be able to see which other fans have checked in at
the show. And please help spread the love by broadcasting your check-in
to Twitter or Facebook, uploading photos, and making comments. You can
share the experience and help get the word out at the same time.

5. Check in at three or more shows, and you’ll automatically get the
pin! It’s that simple.

6. When you get home, you’ll have an email waiting for you with a free
rare demo download.

Not going to be at a show? You’re still in luck. You can follow the
action by visiting the Gowalla event spots during or after the shows to
see the check-ins and enjoy the photos and comments. Visit to check out the spots on this tour.

Thanks again to Cindy and Gowalla for setting this up. It’s always fun to check out the pix from the show as it’s happening.


We’re a week away from Old 97’s next 11 night romp through the midwest and southeast, and I thought it’d be fun for y’all to revisit the terrific in-studio performances our boys did up and down the coast to get you lucky attendees revved for the next leg.

Let’s start with two sessions in perpetually sunny San Diego. First a short presser Murry and Rhett did with Chris Cantore of KPRI:

Followed later that day with the entire band performing in the Abbey to a select group of KPRI fans:

(the whole set is posted on KPRI’s YouTube channel.)

Next it’s off to Seattle and KEXP where Rhett wowed Kevin Cole:

Last stop was Portland’s Kink FM Live at the Bing with more stories and red hot licks for the Oregon fan faithful:

Okay, even though it pains me as a Pittsburgher to watch this, I will show that I’m the bigger person and share Rhett’s interview with Evan Grant during Super Bowl week in which he disses the Steelers in favor of Green Bay. Thank goodness he didn’t correctly predict the score or there’d be no living with him. 😉

And just for grins, here’s a link to Rhett’s cartoon crooner debut as a hook-handed terrorist in search of yellow cake from Adult Swim’s demented Squidbillies:

Oh yeah, one more thing from the interwebs this week. The theme song from’s latest contribution to American culture, Angry Old Man and Gay Teenage Runaway was penned by none other than our favorite frontman and wordsmith, Rhett Miller. The crazy, trailing scream alone is worth the price of admission.

That’s it for now. Between all of this stuff and the uber fabulous bootleg from the Fez, this should keep us all entertained until the next time we find ourselves front and center, banging our collective heads to our favorite 97’s tunes. If anybody finds any other sessions we’ve missed, please leave a link in comments. Get ready Floridians! You’re about to get rocked like a hurricane.

We’re proud to announce a new recurring feature on New Music Mondays. The first Monday of every month, we’ll be adding new music to the site’s media page. Live shows, rare demos, you name it. So check back each month to see what kind of magic awaits.

This month, we’re kicking things off with a great bootleg of a Rhett Miller solo acoustic show at a little club called Fez under Time Cafe in New York City from 4/4/01. Rhett did a series of shows in this venue around this time period, back when he still lived in NYC. There’s probably a dozen of these bootlegs in circulation, each one offering the unique charm of a Rhett solo show, filled with old favorites and many new songs that went on to become favorites themselves. This particular show is unique in that a few songs in, Ken Bethea shows up to play along for several songs. If you’re a budding drummer, this is the show for you to practice along with. So head on over to the media page and enjoy.