We’re a week away from Old 97’s next 11 night romp through the midwest and southeast, and I thought it’d be fun for y’all to revisit the terrific in-studio performances our boys did up and down the coast to get you lucky attendees revved for the next leg.

Let’s start with two sessions in perpetually sunny San Diego. First a short presser Murry and Rhett did with Chris Cantore of KPRI:


Followed later that day with the entire band performing in the Abbey to a select group of KPRI fans:


(the whole set is posted on KPRI’s YouTube channel.)

Next it’s off to Seattle and KEXP where Rhett wowed Kevin Cole:


Last stop was Portland’s Kink FM Live at the Bing with more stories and red hot licks for the Oregon fan faithful:


Okay, even though it pains me as a Pittsburgher to watch this, I will show that I’m the bigger person and share Rhett’s interview with Evan Grant during Super Bowl week in which he disses the Steelers in favor of Green Bay. Thank goodness he didn’t correctly predict the score or there’d be no living with him. 😉


And just for grins, here’s a link to Rhett’s cartoon crooner debut as a hook-handed terrorist in search of yellow cake from Adult Swim’s demented Squidbillies:


Oh yeah, one more thing from the interwebs this week. The theme song from Atom.com’s latest contribution to American culture, Angry Old Man and Gay Teenage Runaway was penned by none other than our favorite frontman and wordsmith, Rhett Miller. The crazy, trailing scream alone is worth the price of admission.


That’s it for now. Between all of this stuff and the uber fabulous bootleg from the Fez, this should keep us all entertained until the next time we find ourselves front and center, banging our collective heads to our favorite 97’s tunes. If anybody finds any other sessions we’ve missed, please leave a link in comments. Get ready Floridians! You’re about to get rocked like a hurricane.