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March 31, 2011

As the 97’s roll out to Omaha, Nebraska this morning to begin their next 17 day tour leg, I thought I’d tidy up a bit and share a few media odds and ends from SXSW and beyond.

This first video is from back in December 2010 when Larry Groce of Mountain Stage took time to sit down and catch up with Rhett before the concert. Among other things, Mr. Miller discusses how writing new lyrics to Dylan’s Desolation Row came about as an attempt to stay awake while driving his sleeping bandmates between gigs on a long, dark stretch of highway in the middle of the night.


The entire Mountain Stage concert featuring Hayes Carll and Cake as well as Old 97’s will be up on Mountain Stage podcast archives page or NPR in the next few days. So you’ll want to keep an eye out for those.

There’s lots of great fan footage from the boys’ six exhausting performances at SXSW this year, including this uber special moment when the one and only Excene Cervenka joined the band on stage at Antone’s to reprise her role on Four Leaf Clover.


She can still belt it out, can’t she? Thanks to Cindy Royal for that video. You can read her take on the 97’s SX experience and watch more videos, including Perfume and I’m a Train Wreck from Volume 2, here.

Bright and painfully early on their second morning, Rhett and Murry sang five songs for KUT in front of a very appreciative, if not bleary-eyed, crowd in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel. Their energetic set shot out of the gate with a rousing performance of A State of Texas–an anthem so irresistible, even a jaded Northerner like me finds it impossible not to jump up and shake her groove thang. The morning’s offering included Champaign, IL, Born To Be In Battle, Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You) and of course, their consummate closer, Time Bomb.

At their penultimate stop for Brooklyn Vegan at Barbarella’s, Ken took everyone by surprise and made an unprecedented Rock ‘n Roll move by leaping into the adoring crowd.

Grandpa, my ass. Right, Ken? HaHa!

The last stop of their SXSW 2011 appearance was at Maggie Mae’s for the Gibson Guitar party. Always the gracious subject, Rhett took some time out to discuss the philosophy behind splitting the double album into two volumes, the bad-ass sturdiness of his beloved Hummingbird guitar and overindulging out on Sixth Street, an experience to which any SXSW attendee worth his salt can relate.

Oh and I would be remiss if I left out this particular highlight from their fast and furious two day stint in Austin. Some people suffer for their art. Here’s proof only the best Rockers bleed for theirs.

Now that’s commitment, Baby. And how very Johnny Cash of you, Rhett. Thanks to Lori Hillhouse for being at the right place at the right time.

Just because their duties at SXSW were fulfilled didn’t mean the guys could go home and take a long nap. Before they got to call it a day, our favorite foursome made two more stops in Dallas. The last of which was performing before the Mavericks game, where Rhett had the honor of singing our National Anthem.


Those of us living outside of Texas will probably never have the opportunity to witness this live, so thanks to Melissa Bridgefarmer for being a sport and sharing this moment.

Speaking of special moment…

By now you all are aware that Old 97’s wrote a jingle for a Chili’s commercial.


But did you know Ken and Rhett also leant their talents to a public awareness campaign?


Because the Old 97’s cares about your locks.

Stephanie and I are off to Rochester, NY next week to sing, dance and generally make a spectacle of ourselves in front of the best live band in the country. Stop by and say hi. Oh and don’t forget the Vodka and Tonics. See you there!!

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  1. Great collection of links! Love the Excene performance and also Rhett on the national anthem. He did a great job on a notoriously tricky song.

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