The Old 97’s recently finished up the third leg of their tour in support of The Grand Theatre, Volume 1 taking them from Madison to Birmingham. They garnered a lot of very positive press over those three weeks. So much so, that I’m splitting it into two posts. First, the media section.

Before the band hit the stage in Bloomington, IL, Rhett spoke at length with Steve Fast of WJBC radio. They discussed the story behind Champaign, IL, how altering one tiny word changed the meaning of Every Night Is Friday Night, how they entertain themselves during those long hours on the bus, Rhett’s inspiration derived from David Foster Wallace, 30 Rock’s Kidney Now and much, much more.

Making good on their promise to return to Toronto after bumping the venue for a spot on the Leno show, Rhett sat down with Ira from ExploreMusic. Amongst other thing, the two kibitzed about the old vs. new system of music making, the intrinsic value of Twitter as a means to connect directly with fans and Rhett’s recent collaboration with Rosanne Cash. Rhett also dished out a huge shout out of love for their former touring mates, Those Darlins.


In charming Charlottesville, VA, Rhett ventured over to 106.1 The Corner Lounge for a Meet and Greet with contest winners. He fielded questions from the audience, treated them to an acoustic performance of “I’m a Trainwreck” from the upcoming TGT, Volume 2 and regaled them with the full story behind his late-night penning of Dylan’s Desolation Row (aka, Champaign, IL).

And because he’s a sweet guy who loves kids, Mr. Miller took time out to create a Sesame Street moment for my friend, Cindy’s son Brett.

Altogether now, Awwwwww…

But wait, there’s more!

As a “watch three, get one free” added bonus, here’s a video one diligent fan found of the entire band’s appearance on Hardline from back on Media Day during Super Bowl week in Dallas. This rowdy guys’ club dishes about everything from fielding phone calls “at work” from their wives, the lack of women (hot or not) at Media Day and Chrissie Hynde’s new boytoy. These boys have too much fun in the mornings.


Oh yeah. P.S.: Happy 420 Day. Celebrate accordingly. 😉

The awesome feature photo of our favorite lead singer achieving some very impressive air is courtesy of Joshua Sarner and Prefix Mag. You can view all of his outstanding photos from the Webster Hall show here.

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  1. Based on the look of that little boy’s face, a children’s album should be in the works! How ’bout the Grand Puppet Theatre?

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