Media Round Up

June 21, 2011

While our favorite foursome rest up from another successful tour leg, here are a few media links to keep you entertained until the boys hit the road again in support of Volume 2.

While in Oregon, Murry and Rhett stopped by the OPB Music studios to chat about the upcoming release of Volume 2 and perform a handful of gems including Brown Haired Daughter.

Between playing in front of packed houses in San Antonio and Austin, the entire band were invited to join the midday host at the KUT studios where Mr. Miller received a new moniker, Rhett Money. I’m still searching for that little gem and will post it here when it’s located. Promise. Until then, a diligent wrecker, Blureu dug deep to find this KUT link of the guys playing I’m A Trainwreck.

Meanwhile, immediately after finishing this appearance, Mr. Money was whisked away to newbie Austin360 studios to be the inaugural performer on their Live at Lunch series. Rhett treats the radio audience with a couple of really interesting tidbits about The Actor and Brown Haired Daughter (which was originally an unfinished Murry tune) as well as terrific performances of Perfume and Brown Haired Daughter. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was his impassioned performance. Either way, Rhett managed to break not one, but two guitar strings while singing St. Ignatius.

Here’s a link to the entire in-studio performance:

And one more for good measure…

While in Knoxville, Rhett took time out to talk to the kind folks at WFIV.


Thanks for the love, but did you have to put him in a cage…I mean booth all by his lonesome? Ha Ha!

Okay, I lied. One more extra special treat courtesy of Cindy Royal. The first performance of Murry’s Pirate-inspired White Port from La Zona Rosa. Enjoy!

Thanks to Cindy Royal for the video and photos.

That’s all for now. Fort Worth is up next on 6/26 then it’s only a short nine days for the July 5th drop date of Volume 2! Woot!!


  1. Here’s another one. Hopefully KUT will archive the entire set from earlier this month.

  2. Thanks Blureu! The link has been added. Much appreciated!

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