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MARIE: Formerly relegated to an EP, long-time fan-favorite “Ivy” is finally getting the cred it deserves by being included on a full album. This rocking remake holds true to the original spirit of the antics of a familiar rakish, yet likable reprobate from the 97’s deep catalog. Like the prodigal son (or should it be daughter), “Ivy” will be welcomed back to the fold with open arms.

MURRY: Our GTV2 recording of “Ivy” brings up another reason I love my band.  We might push our boundaries out a bit in order to have more room to frolic, but we’ll always know exactly what to do with a truly old-school 97’s song: it will sound in 2011 like it sounded in 1994, and I mean exactly, cuz that’s how we naturally play, even after all these years.  It was in the bones then, and it’s still in there.  You don’t want the RAMONES to “update” their sound on a good meat’n’potatoes Ramones tune, you want them to do it like Rocket to Russia forever.  Can I get an Amen!

JEFF: My iTunes collection was already graced with two versions of “Ivy.” One is from the iTunes-exclusive EP affiliated with “The Breakup” which is no longer available. The other is from 2003’s The Music of Sons of Hermann Hall Volume One. According to Murry, the version on the latter — actually called “Ivy’s Got A Boyfriend (Problem)” — is from one of their earliest recordings, a live set at Chumley’s in Dallas in 1994.

Ivy’s got a boyfriend problem
Ivy’s got a creep

You may recall I was in the studio the day they were working on this one. Rhett tweaked the lyrics a bit, and the rest of the boys jumped right in like they’d been playing it regularly for years. It certainly has a comfy feel to it, like a pair of boots nicely broken in. It wouldn’t have been out of place on Wreck Your Life, and that’s high praise.


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  1. This was one of the only tunes included on TGTV2 that I wasn’t happy to hear. I would’ve preferred a new 97’s song or perhaps Muddy Rio Grande”.

    • 06/28/2011
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    My heart skipped a beat when I heard the clip of “Ivy” from the behind the scenes clip Jeff posted months ago. I’m so happy this one made it, it’s been a long time coming!

  2. AMEN!


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