We’re just a few days away from the release of The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 on July 5th, and the excitement is starting to build. So every day between now and then, we’re going to reward your patience with a “first look” at a song from the album, with first impressions from Marie, Stephanie and myself. One or more of the boys will weigh in at times as well, so check back every day to learn what goodies are coming to those who wait.

The Song-A-Day Countdown Schedule:

6/22 – 1. Brown Haired Daughter
6/23 – 2. I’m A Trainwreck
6/24 – 3. Perfume
6/25 – 4. The Actor
6/26 – 5. No Simple Machine
6/27 – 6. White Port
6/28 – 7. Ivy
6/29 – 8. Manhattan (I’m Done)
6/30 – 9. Marquita
7/1 – 10. Bright Spark (See What I Mean)
7/2 – 11. Visiting Hours
7/3 – 12. How Lovely All It Was
7/4 – 13. You Call It Rain

You can hear the entire album streaming on


  1. A local radio station in the Baltimore/Philly area was playing Perfume earlier this week. It was so exciting to hear the band on the radio here!

  2. The story is brilliant and Murry’s bass line is its equal. One of my favorites so far.


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