UPDATE – The deadline for the new t-shirt contest is 8/7, so get your entries in!

We celebrated the launch of The Grand Theatre Vol. One with a t-shirt design contest that resulted in the fantastic new motel shirt. So we’ve decided to do it again for The Grand Theatre Vol. 2, but with a new wrinkle: this time, the design theme has to reflect one of the songs on Volume 2. All you have to do is:

• Design an Old 97’s t-shirt that’s based on a song from TGTV2

1. Brown Haired Daughter
2. I’m A Trainwreck
3. Perfume
4. The Actor
5. No Simple Machine
6. White Port
7. Ivy
8. Manhattan (I’m Done)
9. Marquita
10. Bright Spark (See What I Mean)
11. Visiting Hours
12. How Lovely All It Was
13. You Call It Rain

• Upload your design to the t-shirt contest Flickr group

• The band will select finalists and post them to Facebook for voting the second week of August

The winner will get an awesome prize package that includes tix to a show and a meet & greet with the band, some exclusive autographed merch and the joy of seeing his or her shirt printed and worn by rabid fans from coast to coast.