Courtesy KGSR, here’s a video of the entire show from Zilker Park in Austin on 8/3/11:

Also, a great photo gallery from the show courtesy photographer Scott Wade.


    • 08/05/2011
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    that’s the best one hour set ever by anyone.

    • 08/05/2011
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    Might have to play this one a few times each month for the next few to stave off the effects of withdrawal. 🙂

  1. Such a great video.. Agree with you Les, no shows in the near future.. This (and my other 5000 videos) will have to do =D

  2. Old 97s paying tribute to REM with Driver 8. Beyond Awesome!

  3. Loved the show! Longtime fan, first heard ya’ll on KTSB (student radio) in ’97, our 11 year old daughter knows all the words to barrier reef (oops); first time to blues on the green, but not the last!
    thanks for posting the video. please come back often!

    • I too have taught my 9 yr old son about the greatness of the 97’s. Was supposed to go last week when they performed after the Rangers game but drama ensued. Hope they come home to Big D soon. This will have to do for now.

  4. Always great to see this band. Free show. There were some sound issues in the first half of the show, but still a great time. Can we expect this much new material and touring from TX best band? Let’s hope so,,,

  5. Hey, is there a dvd of this concert available? Sure would like to see another dvd of an Old 97’s concert with some of their new stuff on it.

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