Some links worth checking out from The Atlantic:

About that day – Excerpts from Rhett’s 9/11 Diary

How I Wrote Songs Without a Guitar After 9/11 – Including MP3s of 2 demos of songs written just before and after that day


  1. Working in NYC as the ten year anniversary of that horrible, crazy day (and all that came after) approaches, and looking out the window at a blue sky so like the one I remember from that day, Rhett’s diary vividly reminds me that those who lived or worked downtown were trapped in a war zone. While some of us stood on line in midtown, confused and scared and waiting to give blood that would never be needed (because so few people were merely injured), those in and around the towers ran for their lives. My heart goes out to those that never made it, and gives thanks for those that did.

    • Very well put, India.

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