As we East Coasters wait around to see what nasty turn Hurricane Irene will take, here are some fun tidbits from the final leg of the 97’s summer tour.

They started in San Francisco at the Outside Lands festival where Rachel Swan had this to say:

“Baby-faced singer Rhett Miller — who is now forty, but for the most part still retains his pink-cheeked, puerile features — paused toward the end of his Saturday afternoon set with alt-country group Old 97’s. “Hey, I just saw one of those gate-crashing flashmobs tear down the fence over there,” he said, pointing over the heads of several hundred people who had gathered at Sutro stage. He snickered. “Sorry, Outside Lands staff, the revolution still lives in San Francisco!” Miller and three bandmates dedicated their next song, an energetic rock number called “Every Night Is Friday Night,” to “those cheapskate motherfuckers.” It was an appropriate highlight for one of the best, and most sparsely attended performances at Outside Lands… Flashmob aside, the group’s set was willfully understated, with a few folksy love ballads (including “Question”), and one Merle Haggard cover. If anything, it showed that the 97’s remain both powerful and vastly underappreciated.”

So true on both counts. Here’s the sing-a-long favorite, Barrier Reef from that sunny afternoon.




Heading South, the guys hit Harlow’s where one lucky fan, Tami Hackbarth, posted via Twitter, her dream setlist which included the one song she’d been waiting years to hear live. That night Rhett made her musical wish come true by singing Eyes For You.


Before their last show of the summer in Los Angeles, Rhett rose at an unGodly early hour for normal human beings, let alone a Rockstar, to appear on Fox’s Good Day LA. As you can see, he charmed the socks off the hosts, especially the ladies.

Can you say smitten?

Speaking of special guest, as promised in the above interview, the lucky crowd at the Wiltern that evening were indeed treated to not one, but two beautifully harmonized songs by Rhett and Sam Phillips. We’re still waiting for a video of Fireflies surface on the interwebs (anyone… anyone…), however one generous soul posted their version of Sam’s Broken Circle for all of us envious fans to live through vicariously.


Absolutely gorgeous!


But wait, there’s more!!

One last link before I go outside and enjoy the sunshine, this time from an interview back in July. In between back-to-back shows at the Bell House and a stop at the Rolling Stone offices, Rhett visited the studios of WFUV in Manhattan to chat with Claudia Marshall. In between songs, they discussed how Elmore Leonard’s dialog style inspired the lyrics to No Simple Machine, how he has allowed himself to occasionally pen a grammatically incorrect song and how they as a band have embraced the mentor status in which they find themselves these days, while still maintaining their love of garage rock. The two also spoke at length about he and Murry’s humble beginnings before the 97’s formed and how through trial, error and frustration, the band finally “decided to do something that had no chance at succeeding.” A decision for which we can all be grateful.



That’s all for now. Enjoy what’s left of the summer, and keep checking back for new Fall tour dates.


  1. Once again proving Old 97’s are the nicest guys in rock. Best song ever!

    Thanks for the shout out, Marie!

    • Any time, m’dear, but you got the ultimate shout out at the show. 🙂

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