To Far To Care Tour ~ Fall 2012


    • 06/25/2012
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    Great, great band. Should be amazing on Austin City Limits !

  1. 15 years ago, Brooks my “one who got away” had just moved in and the Old 97’s released what was their best album to date, their first since they got the big record deal. It was a great time to be alive, let me tell you. That year I saw them do almost every one of the Too Far to Care songs in September on the outside patio of Club Dada and IT WAS THE BEST OLD 97’S SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN… and I have seen about 40-50 Old 97’s, Ranchero Brothers and Rhett Miller shows now… Now, 15 years later, they are kicking off a tour to celebrate the release of that album that launched them into the big time–and they are opening the tour where? (you might ask). Well that will be at the House of Blues with all of the “Big Shots in Big D”. Now I cannot promise that when they play my favorite song which just happens to be from that album (“The House that Used to Be”) that I might not shed a nostalgic tear or two for lost love. But I can promise that I will be experiencing pure bliss. Now I’m not saying they will necessarily top that Dada show: I mean this was one of those magic rock and roll nights, when people were hanging from the rooftop–having sneaked onto the roof from the Bone next door because the Fire Marshall would not let anyone else into Dada. Can those circumstances and the intensity of that show be replicated? Well, who knows–but I can always hope! I cannot wait for this. And Those Darlin’s, that sizzling, sexy mostly girl band from Tennessee are the opening act! Be still my heart! August 24 cannot possibly get here quickly enough!

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