From Rhett’s Facebook page:

“I’m totally excited for the Too Far To Care anniversary tour, but I must warn the starry-eyed lovebirds who have been writing me with requests for assistance in their wedding engagement… Old 97’s no longer stop down the rock show in order to focus on one couple in the audience who may or may not be getting engaged at that moment.
Nor do we host pre-show engagement parties.
I believe in love (as the song testifies), but I am not the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I merely sing and shake my ass. That said, we will play “Question” every night on this tour. In fact, there is a good chance it will be the first song we play after “4 Leaf Clover” closes out the TFTC portion. And we will pedal through the chord progression a few times before the song kicks in. That would be a great time to screw up your courage, get down on one knee (mandatory), and dive into the bliss of matrimony.
Hooray for love.” -Rhett

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  1. This tour would be perfect for reviving a tradition I’ve only heard about – bringing a woman from the audience onstage to sing Exene’s part in “Four-Leaf Clover,” unless Exene herself makes an appearance. How ’bout it boys?

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