Track 12 – “House That Used To Be”

“I am going to tell the truth, even though I might be excoriated for doing so. I wrote this song with the assistance of a Rhyming Dictionary. It was a goof. I gave myself a challenge: make a list of rhyming, two-syallable words, compound words or phrases that sounded juicy and turn that list into a song. “Graveyard/Co-starred,” “Corn silk/Spilt milk,” “Quaaludes/Corkscrewed,” etc…

At the time, I had recently moved into the only house in which I have ever lived truly by myself. With the Elektra advance, I bought a fantastic stereo system that I still use to this day, and rented a big two bedroom house a block off of White Rock Lake. Suddenly, I felt very alone. And this list of weird-sounding phrases (“Freight Trains/Great Danes”) built itself into a perfectly reasonable lament one night around 3 a.m.

Moral of the story: There are no rules.

Use a Rhyming Dictionary; Rewrite all the lyrics to a Dylan song; Put the word “Old” in your band’s name.

Just make sure it feels right in your heart.


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  1. Hey, Sting did it, too, and it worked out pretty well for him! Can’t wait to catch you guys on the TFTC tour!!!

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