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One Epic Ending

October 29, 2012

Hey All!

Stephanie and I had the great pleasure to attend the Old 97’s TFTC show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC last Friday. It was Off. The. Charts! Crazy, full-throttle energy splayed out in front of a fully committed audience. They were having fun, y’all.

I don’t usually record Time Bomb at the shows because, frankly I just want to get swept up in the fervor, sing and dance with wild abandon. I can’t stand still enough to hold a camera steady. And Dude, forget about keeping quiet. Impossible.

But last Friday when Rhett almost knocked the mic over on the first lyric, the voice in my head screamed at me to grab my iPhone because something great was about to happen.

And it did.


THAT is how you end a concert, my friend! Stumble, tumble and just keep on playing. That’s Rock ‘n Roll, BABY! I love this moment so much.

Again I ask, is it any wonder why we love these men?

We’re excited that the big day is finally here. Get out there and get your own copy of Too Far To Care on double CD or vinyl. The 2-CD set includes the remastered original album plus four session
outtakes on disc one and a second disc of original pre-album demos featuring some never before-
heard Old 97’s songs And while you’re add it, grab They Made A Monster for the full experience.

Too Far To Care reissue

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The classic Amazon review: essential recording
If the Waco Brothers sound like the Clash playing country music, an Old ’97s song like “Barrier Reef” sounds like Rancid doing the Wacos. That’s not a bad thing, but lead singer Rhett Miller is more distinctive pining for his gal on the sweetly beautiful “Salome” and “Streets of Where I’m From,” a jazzy number about living in a place where romance ends as roadkill. The band—Miller, lead guitarist Ken Bethea, bassist Murry Hammond, drummer Phillip Peeples—sounds most like a rock outfit on the album-opening “Time Bomb,” and most like a country crew on “West Texas Teardrops,” featuring banjo and Hammond’s nasal twang.

On at least half his songs, Miller reveals himself to be a guy who falls in love easily but takes getting dumped hard. The subject matter might get old, but the ’97s vary things enough musically to steer clear of trouble. If the story of a guy scared to death of Manhattan on “Broadway” is too obvious, Miller easily redeems himself on the album’s closer, “Four Leaf Clover.” Sung as a duet with Exene Cervenka, it sounds like X riding a Bo Diddley beat, but the bitter lyrics send it to the moon. “I got a four-leaf clover, but it ain’t done me a single lick of good/I’m still a drunk and I’m still a loser/And I’m still living in a lousy neighborhood.” After all the crying he’s done, it’s nice to hear Miller get good and pissed. –Keith Moerer

And don’t miss the second leg of the 2012 Too Far To Care 15th Anniversary tour, starting up this weekend at Austin’s ACL Fest.

You might just want to jump on the first pressing of the first-time-on-vinyl double-LP release of Too Far To Care either from your local record store on October 9 or via pre-order. It may contain a golden ticket that will grant you a life-time spot on the Old 97′s guest list. Any of their gigs you wanna go to… forever!

Two golden tickets have been randomly inserted – one for the record stores, one for the online store. Good luck!


They Made A Monster


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