Satellite Rides

10 Jan, 2010

Satellite rides wasnt good enough to be


Satellite Rides wasnt good enough to be named one of Dallas Observer Best Area Albums of the '00 list, but it did make Rolling Stone, The Decade's Best Under-the-Radar albums. First up, 2001’s Satellite Rides by the Old 97’s, a Dallas band who turn out crafty pop-rock songs rooted in the Byrds and old AM radio hits. Frontman Rhett Miller sings about the vagaries of love earnestly and intelligently on this turning-point LP, and on “Rollerskate Skinny” he offers the thesis “I believe in love, but it don’t believe in me.”Texas Music magazine also named Satellite Rides to its list

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31 Dec, 2009

4 nights 96 songs


Well, the boys' four-night stand at Sons of Hermann Hall is in the books — and in the can, as the entire shindig was recorded. Cross your fingers that it will see the light of day. I was only able to attend night two, but I can attest that they were on fire, and the rarities just added to the fun.You can read a couple of good reviews at The Dallas Observer and at Pegasus News.And for your reading pleasure, here are the setlists from all four nights:NIGHT ONEBird in a Cage504Streets of Where I'm FromMy Two FeetCrash on the

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16 Jan, 2008

Weve heard from rhett and ken on as yet


We've heard from Rhett and Ken on the as-yet-unnamed new Old 97's album. So how about Murry? First, a direct quote: We're all jazzed about this one. Ken is truly a guitar god this round. No joke. And I'm thrilled with it. It gets punchy the way Too Far was, but with the stylistic stretching of Fight Songs and Satellite Rides. The song pile is a good one — I'd call it a rare pile. Overall, I bet people will agree that it is the most adventuresome yet of all our albums. But it still sounds like us. Sounds good

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20 Jul, 2004

Excepting his thoughts on smokers this


Excepting his thoughts on "Smokers," this is hands down my favorite review of Drag It Up so far. No Depression - July/August 2004 Dancing Like Nobody's Watching Old 97's Drag It Up New West By Peter Blackstock Of the half-dozen records the Old 97's have made over the past decade, "Drag It Up is our most personal," guitarist Ken Bethea writes in a brief band biography that accompanied press mailings of the group's new disc. He's right on target in his assessment; that much is obvious simply from the inclusion of "Coahuila," which features a lead vocal from Bethea -

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11 May, 2004

Ok kids heres your track listing for


OK kids, here's your track listing for Drag It Up: 1. Won't Be Home 2. Moonlight 3. Borrowed Bride 4. Smokers 5. Coahuila 6. Blinding Sheets of Rain 7. Valium Waltz 8. In The Satellite Rides A Star 9. The New Kid 10. Bloomington 11. Adelaide 12. Friends Forever 13. No Mother

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6 May, 2004

Old 97s drag it up release date july


Old 97's Drag It Up Release date: July 27, 2004 by Ken Bethea, lead guitarist 11 years in, I still can't quite believe what I've been doing with my life. We just finished recording our sixth album, Drag It Up. It's the first for our new label, New West Records. After tinkering with our limits on the previous five releases, I think we've settled in with what we do best on Drag It Up - solid writing and performances, with enough bells and whistles to make things interesting. It reminds me of our earlier recordings, we mix bluegrass, surf, country,

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2 Mar, 2004

Old 97s album is halfway done no title


The Old 97's album is halfway done! No title yet. Thus far it's shaping up as a bit of a throwback to Wreck Your Life era content but with a much fuller sound, and less poppy than both Fight Songs and Satellite Rides. And Rhett is playing solo at a bunch of festival dates this Spring and Summer, many supporting P.O.D., and others on what might be described as more-or-less Christian music festival bills. That's all cool, and in fact shows me that there are still some booking agents out there with eclectic and impeccable musical taste. I just don't

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27 Dec, 2001

Rolling stone has released its year end


Rolling Stone has released its year-end "Top 10" and "Best Of The Rest" lists. The 97's Satellite Rides makes the B.O.T.R. list with other "also rans" like Paul McCartney, Macy Gray, R.E.M., Weezer, New Order and Ryan Adams. Senior R.S. critic David Fricke writes: Old 97's Satellite Rides Elektra Old 97's singer Rhett Miller writes stone-country, lovin'-and-cheatin' tunes for urban canyon dwellers. The band rocks these songs like a runaway subway train. Born in Dallas, Old 97's are truly gifted in the Nashville arts. But they were wearing New York plates when they made this baby. then posted a

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6 Aug, 2001

Yeah yeah yeah im sorry about long


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sorry about the long delay in new news on the Old 97's. But since it's been a while, there's plenty to report. In this edition: New records, new photos, new shows, new wives, new suits, new Rancheros, and... an alien invasion? Let's hit the pics first. The Old 97's flew home from to Texas after their July 18 Tonight Show performance, and put on some scorching summer shows in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Many many cameras were in attendance and the resulting photos have turned up all over the web. The URL's?

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13 Jun, 2001

Second single off old 97s satellite


The second single off the Old 97's Satellite Rides will be the sly and lilting "Designs On You." Elektra begins its push to have radio stations add "Designs" to their playlists on June 18. That means it's time we kick off Phase II of our "Satellite Rides Sweepstakes," and start cranking out those calls to our favorite stations too! To get you primed, check out this big batch of 97's webanalia. First up are these cuts, recorded live in-studio for the folks at VH1 and MTV: Designs On YouKing Of All The WorldLonely Holiday In addition has their own

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