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27 Dec, 2001

Rolling stone has released its year end


Rolling Stone has released its year-end "Top 10" and "Best Of The Rest" lists. The 97's Satellite Rides makes the B.O.T.R. list with other "also rans" like Paul McCartney, Macy Gray, R.E.M., Weezer, New Order and Ryan Adams. Senior R.S. critic David Fricke writes: Old 97's Satellite Rides Elektra Old 97's singer Rhett Miller writes stone-country, lovin'-and-cheatin' tunes for urban canyon dwellers. The band rocks these songs like a runaway subway train. Born in Dallas, Old 97's are truly gifted in the Nashville arts. But they were wearing New York plates when they made this baby. then posted a

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26 Dec, 2001

From malcolm mayhew in december 21 2001


From Malcolm Mayhew in the December 21, 2001, Ft. Worth Star Telegram: The Old 97's are in the midst of some major changes: The band is currently in negotiations to sever its ties with Elektra Records (its home for three records), but band singer Rhett Miller is signing back on Elektra's dotted line for two solo records. Group drummer Philip Peeples says the band and Elektra are working out a "buyout" deal. That is, Elektra will pay the group a lump sum of money instead of honoring the terms of the band's renegotiated contract - tweaked earlier this year -

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15 Dec, 2001

Yeah ok sometimes tribute bands are


Yeah OK, sometimes tribute bands are a blight. In North Texas though, they seem to rock. For example, Weener and Bluh pay tribute to Weezer and Blur respectively, while putting on A+ shows in their own right. Of course the 97's have a growing list of bands who cover their songs, and now, they too have a, ahem... tribute band. Billing themselves as "Satellite Riders," these four guys, who even look a bit like the 97's - Mike Shrimpton (drums), Derek Smalls (bass), Nigel Tuffnel (lead guitar), and Dave Hubbins (rythym guitar/lead vocals) - have been plugging away for as

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30 Nov, 2001

Ok kids its holidays and that means its


Ok kids, it's the holidays, and that means it's time to for Old 97's trivia. Quick, what are the only two Old 97's songs on record which feature a horn section? Give up? It's the same two songs which are the only Old 97's Christmas songs on record: "Holly Jolly Christmas," and "I'll Be Home For Christmas," both recorded for a 1995 holiday compilation by several Dallas area bands, called Honkey-Tonk Holidays. Interestingly Rhett Miller revealed at a recent solo show that the producers of WB's Roswell have also asked the band for permission to use "Holly Jolly Christmas" in

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28 Nov, 2001

Ready for quicky click her for latest


Ready for a quicky? Click her for the latest Old 97's photo site: In addition, there's this in from the House Of Blues: " invites you to check out the Green Room with the Old 97's... It's one hour with the Old 97's playing the music they love and telling you why, in their own words. This is a great opportunity for fans to get a little more intimate with an artist through music." Finally, is it just me or are the 97's popping up all the heck over television. Sure, more sports arena DJ's than ever are using

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5 Nov, 2001

More september 11 stuff


More September 11 stuff. Sorry. On Friday November 2, Rhett Miller and fiancé Erica Iahn appeared on "The Hardline" at Dallas' KTCK, The Ticket, and described in detail his experiences on 9/11. He follows it up with a nifty solo take of "Wish The Worst," and the first verse of "Erica The Beautiful" too! Click the link below and scroll up to 1:02 in the program. (11/25: time updated to include 16 first minutes of the interview) As you'll note in the interview, Rhett and Erica have pulled up stakes and returned to L.A.. And since Murry Hammond recently

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1 Nov, 2001

November 1 more signs of times


November 1: more signs of the times. Caption: "Singer-songwriter in a band named after a train and his lovely fiancé. On this evening, both seem a little blue."

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21 Oct, 2001

Signs of times


signs of the times. Caption: "Flags outside a Deep Ellum restaurant," from The Dallas Morning News, 10/21/01, page 1F, "Texas Salutes America," a text and photo montage. More news coming later this week.

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5 Oct, 2001

Heartfelt thanks to rosemary darigo


Heartfelt thanks to Rosemary Darigo, Sandra Boncek Hume, and Tim Markus for forwarding the following, from page 33 of the new Rolling Stone (#880, 10/25/01 with the American flag cover): My girlfriend and I live in an apartment three blocks from the World Trade Center. The day before it happened, I sat in the plaza at the base of the Towers, working on this really beautiful song called "Love Bird." And it was such a beautiful day--the blue sky and the Towers, and all the people walking to and from work. I finished it at three in the morning in

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29 Sep, 2001

the Old 97′s fan site


Back in '97 and '98, much was said and written about the Great Old 97's - Whiskeytown Feud. In retrospect, there probably wasn't that much to it. First of all, Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams was the only member of that band who joined the fight, while 97's lead guitarist Ken Bethea provided about the only recorded return fire from the 97's. Well OK, there were those whispers that "Crash On The Barrelhead" might have been written in honor of you-know-who, but in general, it was the music press and fans of the bands - including, I'm afraid, yours truly -

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