The second single off the Old 97’s Satellite Rides will be the sly and lilting “Designs On You.” Elektra begins its push to have radio stations add “Designs” to their playlists on June 18. That means it’s time we kick off Phase II of our “Satellite Rides Sweepstakes,” and start cranking out those calls to our favorite stations too!

To get you primed, check out this big batch of 97’s webanalia. First up are these cuts, recorded live in-studio for the folks at VH1 and MTV:

Designs On You

King Of All The World

Lonely Holiday

In addition has their own exclusive, live acoustic versions of “Indefinitely” and “King Of All The

World,” available for download in the Liquid Audio format at:

And for 24 hours, beginning at 3:00pm EST June 21, the House of Blues ( will be webcasting the recent Old 97’s El Lay show. For more info on the June 21st webcast click here.

Also, the Olds are featured at as Celebrity DJ’s where they’re spinning some favorite tunes. If you click here for more, you’ll note a playlist that includes the likes of Stereolab and the Stones, The Breeders and REM, Thelonious Monk, Waylon Jennings, and KISS.

Now, if Matchbox Twenty were to supply a playlist, we might safely guess that it would include the Old 97’s, which are “One of our all-time favorite bands… and possibly one of the greatest bands ever.” – Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. And speaking of MB20, before they take their August spot on the Matchbox Twenty – Train bill, the 97’s remain on the road, in a headline tour which also includes the terrific Josh Joplin Group. Be there!

Finally, several of you asked what happened to the 97’s scheduled June 11 taping on the Late Late Show with Craig Killborn. Apparently the taping schedule was changed, so that the Monday 6/11 Killborn show was being “pre-taped” last Friday, June 8. That meant that your favorite rock band was unable to make it, but will likely be rescheduled to appear at a later date.

…oh, oh, almost forgot: This past Monday, before the Old 97’s taping for HBO’s Reverb, calls are received at the show’s venue, L.A.’s Knitting Factory, from one über-talented performer who is trying to make sure he’ll be able to get in to see the 97’s set. Afterwards, said singer-songwriter is seen backstage visiting one-one-one with the Old’s Rhett Miller. OK, so pulling rank to get on a guestlist or slip backstage ain’t unusual. But what if the performer in question had in the past gone out of his way to blast the Old 97’s, both publicly and privately. Yeah, so maybe 1997’s squabbles are old news, but in a slow week, it was cool to hear the the Old 97’s and Ryan Adams are getting along well these days.