More september 11 stuff

November 5, 2001

More September 11 stuff. Sorry. On Friday November 2, Rhett Miller and fiancé Erica Iahn appeared on “The Hardline” at Dallas’ KTCK, The Ticket, and described in detail his experiences on 9/11. He follows it up with a nifty solo take of “Wish The Worst,” and the first verse of “Erica The Beautiful” too! Click the link below and scroll up to 1:02 in the program. (11/25: time updated to include 16 first minutes of the interview)

As you’ll note in the interview, Rhett and Erica have pulled up stakes and returned to L.A.. And since Murry Hammond recently joined his fiancé, Grey DeLisle in SoCal too, Angelenos look likely to be seeing plenty of Ranchero Brothers shows in the months ahead. What else? Well 2002 will likely see the release of Rhett Miller’s first solo album and extended tour since his 1989 debut, Mythologies. Look for Largo’s resident musical genius, Jon Brion, to join the in the proceedings as well.

The long awaited debut album from the Ranchero Brothers will, however, have to wait a little longer, as the Brothers seem determined to rerecord several of their tracks already in the can, and add several new cuts as well. Happily, Murry reports that much of new recording will take place in his burgeoning in-home studio, using, in many cases, vintage audio gear and microphones – all to deliver a warmth he felt was lacking on some of their previously recorded cuts. But Murry adds that 24 hour access to his studio, his new found mastery of ProTools recording software, and the addition of vintage gear should make for much more easily scheduled and efficient sessions, and for a more compelling release.

The Old 97’s will continue to play scattered shows and perhaps the occasional mini-tour; and look for them to reassemble in the studio come 2003 for their next Elektra release. And with Murry, Rhett, and Philip Peeples (who just moved to another house in Dallas) each setting up housekeeping in new places; Ken Bethea is the subject or rumors that he may be putting his studio chops to work on a children’s album. If you’ve ever heard his “Bug Song,” you know why that’s a great idea.

Finally, Rhett Miller has announced that Charlie the cat, whose brief 1998 escape inspired the writing of the Old 97’s first radio hit, has died. Accounts suggest that Charlie passed away of old age and not – as irony might have had it – by way of murder (or a heart attack).

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