Ready for a quicky? Click her for the latest Old 97’s photo site: In addition, there’s this in from the House Of Blues:

“ invites you to check out the Green Room with the Old 97’s… It’s one hour with the Old 97’s playing the music they love and telling you why, in their own words. This is a great opportunity for fans to get a little more intimate with an artist through music.”

Finally, is it just me or are the 97’s popping up all the heck over television. Sure, more sports arena DJ’s than ever are using the 97’s to pump up their crowds; but I’m talking about hearing “Question” on recent episodes of both Roswell and Dawson’s Creek, and “King Of All The World” on the 11/14 episode of NBC’s Ed. Cooler for me is that one local El Lay station is even using the unjustly overlooked “Can’t Get A Line” in its promos. So can you do a favor? Please drop a line when you hear the 97’s used in non-radio media broadcasts. You’ll have thanks, and I’ll post the most unusual on the site. More up soon, hopefully by Friday.